Using Patreon, you'll receive: 

  • Pre-Release builds, generally 7 days before the full monthly release.

  • A discord role.

  • Access to Patron-only polls, when they happen.

  • The easiest way to get the latest VS updates as soon as possible.

You may also use:

This form of payment is only meant to provide an alternative to using Patreon. It's not priced differently, and functions the same way, but:

  • You will only get that month's build, following the same pricing structure. Each month, this link will be updated to the latest build.

  • You will not receive a discord role, pre-release access, or patron polls.

Just want to support?

Thanks! I'm just some random dude trying to maximize his success with this project, so I can keep creating for as long as I can without worrying about the financial side of his creations.

Your support means a lot to me and allows me to just be myself, create the things I want to create, and act the way I want to act. Some day, I hope to make neat things purely for the sake of making neat things, NSFW or not.

Any kind of support is appreciated, be it through Patreon or Itch donations.

But if you're looking for something more anonymous, here is an alternative.

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