Virtual Succubus is a deeply customizable Jerk Off Instructions experience with your personal Femdom AI.

Available for PC & Android



"That was probably the greatest fap I've had, like, ever."

~ Anonymous

Game Features


Many different forms of jerk off instructions.

Compatible with dicks, vaginas, and even both at once. Your pronouns are your choice.

In depth customization of gameplay and visuals.

Your Succubus is her own person, and she remembers your actions.

Sessions, tasks, even down to text prompts themselves.

The game doesn't have to end when you finish a session!

Support for many of your niche kinks, including chastity, findom, and more...

Hundreds of toys supported through XToys with an in-depth integration.

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Virtual Succubus was first released in May 2020. While not the first JOI game on the market, VS approached it from a more typical BDSM angle: Giving up control to your own cute AI dom.

After 2+ years of feedback-driven development, your Succubus can do countless things inspired by BDSM interactions, and VS has become one of the most intricate and inclusive projects in the NSFW space.

As for me, I'm merely a self-taught 27-year-old weird dude working on an odd NSFW game with a haphazard set of thoroughly unrefined skills and way too much NSFW "knowledge".

While the project and its support have grown tremendously, I remain the game's sole developer!

I think the flexibility and freedom this allows have been extremely important; I want to do my best to stay close to the original scope of the game to avoid over-extending and endless delays. I've been on schedule for over 2 years, and I don't plan to change that.

Thank you for supporting my project and future in game development.

~ SuccuDev