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Task Suggestions

This is where I'd like you to suggest specific task ideas that you can come up with! Crowdsourcing help with these ideas will allow me to put less time into kink research (yeah..) and more into developing the game to support them better.


Sadly, there are limits to my creativity, and there are kinks out there that aren't my thing. I want the game to support everyone's interests nonetheless, and I think this is the best approach to do that. Listed below are all the possible categories of task suggestions available, along with links to anonymous suggestion URLs. It would be very helpful if you could include the kinks involved in the task within the message. It's fine if they don't already exist in the game. I'd also like to know if you think it's best fitting for a reward or a punishment (or neither).


Optionally, feel free to include your discord username so I can contact you with questions about your suggestions. More categories will be added as the game gets developed. If your suggestion doesn't fit in any of the below categories, you can put it in the general purpose suggestion link.


I really appreciate all suggestions, even unrealistic ones, because they can give me ideas or be easily re-framed into something that fits with the game.



Regular Tasks

This can be any request she can make of you that doesn't fit within the other categories.


  • [Workout] Do one set of squats while she watches

  • [CEI] Lick up any precum you have

Modifier Tasks

This can be any tasks that will in some way modify the rest of the session (or part of it). This is tracked through the modifier system, that can affect which tasks are allowed (I.E If legs tied, no tasks requiring legs)



  • [Nipple Clamps] Wear nipples clamps until the end of the session

  • [Exhibitionism] Succu-chan wants you to finish this session near a street-facing window

Timed Tasks

This can be any task that requires you to do something for, or within a certain time.


  • Edge within X seconds

  • Slow Strokes until she tells you to stop


Counted Tasks

This is for tasks that require you to take an action X amount of times.



  • 20 Fast Strokes

  • Write ''I am a bad toy'' 10 times

Edge Tasks

This is for tasks that require you to edge.



  • Edge on all fours.

  • Put your favorite shirt on your lap, then edge through it.

Orgasm Tasks

This is for endings to the game, where she's decided how you'll cum.


  • You have permission to cum, but you must do it kneeling before Succu-chan.

  • You have permission to cum, but you must moan as loudly as possible when you do.

Post Session Tasks

This is for tasks that she can give you to complete before the next session. It can include variants that ask you to do things BEFORE, or UNTIL the next session.


  • [Until] Make Succu-chan your phone background.

  • [Before] Succu-chan wants you to watch at least one hour of hentai. She wants you to edge as many times as you can during this hour.

Timed & Counted Tests

This is for tasks where you have to prove yourself to her. She'll keep track of the amount of time, or the amount of repetition you've done compared to the last time you encountered that task. You'll then be judged based on that comparison.


  • Fast strokes for as long as possible.

  • Spank yourself as hard as possible, for as long as possible.

  • Deepthroat your insertable toy for as long as possible.

  • Quickly fuck yourself with your insertable toy for as long as possible.

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