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Update 43: Presets


This update brings back a heavily requested system, with a ton of improvements.


Presets were previously implemented but had to temporarily be removed so that we could make some major internal changes. In bringing them back, we’ve significantly improved just about every aspect and made them more versatile and shareable.

We’re hoping this addition both opens up a lot of possibilities for power users, but also makes it easier for more casual users to have variety in their sessions! 


It’s also a way for us to be able to show off the full depth of all the systems we’ve worked on over the last year. We know not everyone wants to spend an$ hour customizing their contract settings.


We've also opened a preset sharing forum on our discord to share your favorite contracts and shapeshifting setups!


Version 43: 

(New) 43Release3

- Fixed a bug with user presets not taking into consideration toys marked as Available.


Original & User Presets

We now have two types of presets, Original and User. 


The first 20 Original presets were hand-designed for various types of sessions, with each succubus having her own defined settings to give you a themed experience. 


While some may require some toys, they are customizable to a certain degree to make sure that you can enable the toys you do own and disable those you don’t. 


Most were made with options for both penises and vaginas, but some few may be exclusive to one type of genitals.


Each original preset also has its own visual customizations!


Here are the first 20 original presets we’ve implemented:

  • Myrrath, The Violent
    This sadist prefers to let her whip do the talking. Hard impact play mixed with a small bit of pleasure will leave you red, raw, and ready for more.

  • Tessa, The Torturer
    You've done something to end up with her, and she's going to use her bag of "conversation starters" to have a chat with you. Maybe if you confess it won't all be pain…

  • Lyla, The Milker
    As the certified owner of some big mommy milkers, she knows just how to treat them right. A focus on nipple and breast play will leave you moaning for more.

  • Anna, The Teacher
    Go back to school and enjoy some lewd detention. Writing lines has never felt so good.

  • Shirley, The Personal Trainer
    This muscle girl wants to see her toy get fit, and has just the lewd motivation you need! Exercise mixed with pleasure is today's workout!

  • Aurelia, The Entertained
    She loves watching her horny slut show off for her. Performance, humping and pleasuring yourself all while wallowing in lust will keep her pleased and wanting to see more.

  • Lilith, The Owner
    A focus on pleasurable pet play will have you barking with delight.
    (Uses puppy-themed options - if you prefer a different theme, export this and change Orders/Urges/Subnames as desired)

  • Bella, The Bullseye
    A precise application of stimulation directed exclusively at your most sensitive spots. Pleasure or punishment? She's looking forward to finding out if you can take it.

  • Venus, The Goddess
    Show your devotion to this goddess of lust through indulging in self-pleasure while worshiping her divine body. True devotion requires sacrifice - give up your climax to prove yourself worthy of her.

  • Raven, The Jailer
    She wants to lock you up and throw away the key. Clearly you don't deserve to be freed any time soon, but that doesn't mean she can't have some fun with you during your imprisonment…

  • Evelyn, The Overstimulator
    She prefers not to rely on the weakness of the flesh when providing pleasure. Using her mechanical marvels, she might just go too far...

  • Maeve, The Sissy Trainer
    She loves training good girls to fulfill their potential!
    (Recommended that you set up Player Outfits & Accessories in Contract Terms > Systems Tab so she can dress you up)

  • Olivia, The Expert
    Looking for some pleasure without the pain? Never satisfied with basic instructions, this expert wants to ensure you have an enjoyable and interesting experience.

  • Sharixis, The Gentle
    Are you just looking for a cute girl to praise you for being a good sub and tell you to play with yourself? This soft-dom wants you to have a good time without worrying about any overly kinky stuff.

  • Mandy, The Mouthfucker
    It's gonna be what you expect it to be. She's going to fuck your face. Fingers, dildos, you name it and it's going in your mouth.

  • Vaynara, The Backdoor Enthusiast
    She likes putting things in butts. She's not looking to destroy your asshole, but today's menu focuses extensively on anal pleasure.

  • Nymryna, The Slut Trainer
    Pleasuring others is much more important than pleasuring yourself, and she's here to make sure you know how to do it properly. Extensive service acts will demonstrate what a good little slut you are.

  • Karen, The Hateful
    She always makes sure pathetic pigs knows their place. Verbal abuse and ridicule of your perverted proclivities will flow freely from her lips.

  • Felarra. The Teaser
    Sometimes a gentle touch can be more torturous than a whip. She wants to see how far she can push you with only the lightest stimulations.

  • Isira, The Destroyer
    Those without cavernous holes need not apply. She will exclusively stuff your orifices with the largest toys she's got.
    If you need a warmup first do it somewhere else - she came ready to rumble.



Are any of them close to what you want, but not quite? You’ll be free to easily export their contract settings to use for your own user presets.


User presets are entirely up to you - when creating a user preset, your current contract settings will be saved for the future. You’ll select a name and description, and in the future you will be able to use it without fully re-applying those settings onto your game. It will also save visual customizations.

There are override settings available to override certain parts of both original and user presets, including naming and time limit.


A random system is also available, and individually selectable from presets - including both original and user. Once you’ve selected the viable candidates that can be picked randomly, you’ll simply start your session and a random option will be loaded in without telling you specifics in advance. When using random, your current save’s enabled toys will be turned on as optional toys for the preset.

During chastity sessions, your current chastity settings and sentence will also be inherited into the presets you decide to use for your session.


Save String Improvements


We’ve also made significant improvements to our export string system. 

You can now export Contract, Visuals, and your full export separately. 

The strings are overall shorter as well, being reduced in length by roughly 70%. 

This means it will now be very easy to share presets amongst the community without sharing your entire save.

Save Backups

We’ve added a import backup option to the save menu.


This will import your last previously successful save - specifically, your last save string that has successfully completed a session.


  • Added the nipple stimulators toy


  • Adjustments to pause timer during timed tasks.


Polish & Misc

  • Session Time Hard Cap now overrides Soft Time Limit



  • Fixed Forced Orgasm sessions not requiring more than one orgasm.

  • Chastity anal orgasm no longer bypasses NNN

  • Example habits, duties and commandments should now display properly.

  • Fixed the oops PC keybind not functioning correctly during energy drain.

  • General stability fixes & fixed some typos.

  • Fixes for Edge as Punishment.

  • Fixed mini-tasks not properly checking for touchless edging.

  • Fixed a bug preventing certain rhythm events from not being togglable

  • Fixed some issues with one-handed mode.

  • Fixed some issues with difficulty progression for plugs.

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