Frequently Asked Questions

This page should contain all the most frequently asked questions I've received so far.

If anything is unclear, or you'd like to request elaboration on a question, please feel free to directly message me any time on either Patreon or Discord!

Full release?

There is currently no ETA on full release. This project is in a relatively unique position:

  • It has little competition, meaning people don't really have many alternatives for the kind of experience this game provides.

  • It's intended to be used continuously, instead of "consumed" or played-through.

  • It's heavily expandable in MANY different directions, for almost all types of kinks and interests.


With this context in mind, I intend to work on it for as long as I can and expand it as much as reasonably possible. 

I don't seek to milk out Patreonbucks, and I'm working as fast as I have the ability to; there's just so much I can work on, I don't see it ending any time soon.


Another factor is that I very much enjoy the smaller scale dynamic of addressing patron feedback rather than addressing the ''masses'' of purchasers that I would get on a regular platform; it allows me to give your individual suggestions and feedback more thought.

Once I consider it to be ''complete'', it will be released on other platforms. Whatever the price ends up being, if you've paid for it through Patreon, I will do my best to give you a free key on request.


The game allows you to enter your own passcode for privacy reasons. If it's asking you for a passcode, and you don't remember what it is, you can reset it by entering ''8008135''

Save Data

The PC save data is now located in AppData\LocalLow\SuccuDev

There's currently a button in the game options to fully wipe this, export it to a string, or import it from a string.

Linux / Chromebooks / Mac

Officially unsupported for now, as the time cost of supporting these platforms is too high relative to the userbase interest.

You can still play the game using Wine or Bluestacks

As an alternative, and for Chromebooks, patrons can direct message me to request access to an unsupported full web build - I can't promise it'll stay forever due to size and general platform limitations/incompatibilities, though.

Localization / Languages

Unconfirmed for now, but if it ever happens, it will happen post 1.0

Outfits/Hair Color Customization

The current systems are a design decision. The idea is to make her have some agency, as the player is intended to be the toy that's being played with, not her.


You do get to specify which outfits, hair colors etc you like and don't like, as she changes them.

Body Proportions (Breasts, butt, etc)

Due to animation clipping and how the game was built from the start, this is outside the scope of what I want to do for now.

Dialogue / Voice Acted Dialogue

I made the choice pretty early on in development to try avoiding dialogue as much as possible for a variety of reasons, I'll try to explain them the best I can:


Adding dialogue/voice acted dialogue to each possible task in the game would increase the time ''cost'' of adding a task by at least 10x. Right now, it's very easy for me to implement your suggestions and add a whole lot of new content - if I had to consider wording, phrasing, and voice acting for each new task, this would be a much much longer process, and it would heavily limit my ability to add more content.


Repetition: The game is intended to be played very frequently compared to most NSFW games, in my opinion having dialogue would inevitably lead to issues of repetition - Seeing/hearing the same line of dialogue 10 times is different to reading the same instructions/description 10 times.


File size limits: With the game having a mobile version, and the demo being playable on the web, there's some pretty significant file size restrictions I have to keep in mind; adding that many sound files would inevitably blow up the file size by a significant amount, and likely would make the web build a lot more complicated to maintain.

Extreme Toggles

While there's plenty of content in the game that can be considered extreme by some, I tend to draw the line at anything that can EASILY turn dangerous. While it would be optional content through toggles, I'm not morally comfortable with my game pushing people with horny brains into doing anything dangerous they may not be prepared for.


Examples: Sounding, Chemplay

If your question wasn't answered, please feel free to ask on the Discord!