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Frequently Asked Questions

This page should contain all the most frequently asked questions & suggestions I've received so far.

If anything is unclear, or you'd like to request elaboration on a question, please check out the Discord!

When's full release / Do patrons get the full game on release?

There is currently no plan to stop development nor a release date. This will be updated once that changes.
Upon release, I will do my best to make sure people who have already paid for the game can get the full game either DRM free, or on the platform of their choice.

I forgot my passcode!

Enter “8008135” on the passcode screen to reset it. (eheh, boobies)

Save Data?

The PC save data is now located in AppData\LocalLow\SuccuDev
Keep in mind there's currently a menu in the game options to fully wipe this, export it to a string, or import it from a string.

Linux / Chromebooks / Mac

Officially unsupported for now due to low userbase, but can be played using Wine. 


Probably not. Blame Apple.


If it ever happens, it will happen post 1.0
Until then, you can use this auto translation tool.

The game's fonts were chosen to support it.

System Requirements

You can expect to run it on most midrange android phones from the last few years. 4-5 years old and you're looking for flagship/high end phones.
3GB is the minimum recommended RAM to run the game on Android.

This game is in development and not yet fully optimized. You can expect slow load times on slower devices.

"Why does the screen go dark during smothering?"


(the model wasn't made for up-close views)

"Are you a woman Findom"

No. I can put you in contact with someone who'll take your money, though.

Features I have no plans for

Outfits/Hair Color Customization

Design decision to give her agency.

Body Sliders

Not feasible with how the game was built, animation clipping, etc.

Dialogue / Voice Acted Lines

Impossible to make dialogue not feel cringeworthy for some, exponentially increases the scope of adding tasks, and makes procedural interactions impossible.

Extreme Toggles

I do not want people to be pushed by my game into trying dangerous things they’re not ready for. Several content toggles will not be added for this reason, such as Sounding, Chemplay, and anything drug/alcohol related. 

Task List

Too many tasks are procedurally generated, a task list is not a good way to view all the content the game has to offer.

Futa Bulge

It's like fuckin' impossible leave me alone

Cheat codes

Entered on the passcode screen.

77342 = Holidays
77353 = Valentine's
77323 = April Fools

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