Frequently Asked Questions

This page should contain all the most frequently asked questions I've received so far.

If anything is unclear, or you'd like to request elaboration on a question, please feel free to directly message me any time on either Patreon or Discord!

When is full release?

To be determined. The game is still considered to be in a very early state, but I'll be updating this page and making announcements on all possible channels as soon as that changes!


The game allows you to enter your own passcode for privacy reasons. If it's asking you for a passcode, and you don't remember what it is, you can reset it by entering ''8008135''

Save Data

The PC save data is now located in AppData\LocalLow\SuccuDev

There's currently a button in the game options to fully wipe this, export it to a string, or import it from a string.

Mac / Linux / Chromebooks

Officially unsupported for now, but can be played using Wine

As an alternative, and for Chromebooks, patrons can direct message me to request access to an unsupported full web build - I can't promise it'll stay forever due to size and platform limitations, though.


Unconfirmed for now, but if it ever happens, it will happen post 1.0

Clothing/Hair Customization

This is planned (as noted in the Roadmap), but not in a typical videogame way. I don't want it to turn into a menu where you choose what she looks like, I think that's unfitting of the themes of the game and it doesn't match my vision of what it should be.


I want her to reward the player with specific things, such as changing her hair dye (and allowing them to choose), when she's happy.


Similarly, clothing gets more lewd when you've made her happy, but you don't get to play ''dress up'' by design.

Body Customization

Due to animations/clipping etc it's unlikely I'll ever be able to make her look very significantly different.

Doing so would increase the game's scope extremely (from all the animation tweaking) - and would likely involve far more generic animations, expressions, etc.


For that same reason, I decided that with the assets and skills I had available, it was better to go for a cuter, early 20s succubus. I'm sorry if that's not your thing, I understand it isn't everyone's.

Task List

With the way the game is set up internally, it's kind of hard to compile a list of every variant of every task. It would also be somewhat misleading, because some tasks may come up more frequently than others, etc.

I also would rather not have people spoil themselves on the tasks, and I genuinely think even having access to that data can lead people to spoiling themselves when they shouldn't/don't want to.

If necessary, I can provide numbers for each toggle. As of July 2020, the game has at least 325+ different tasks.

Please keep in mind that a toggle is not a guarantee of content! I'd rather have more toggles than not enough, and if that means adding a toggle for only a few tasks, I think that's better for the game overall.

Dialogue / Voice Acted Dialogue

I made the choice pretty early on in development to try avoiding dialogue as much as possible for a variety of reasons, I'll try to explain them the best I can:

Adding dialogue/voice acted dialogue to each possible task in the game would increase the time ''cost'' of adding a task by at least 10x.

Right now, it's very easy for me to implement your suggestions and add a whole lot of new content - if I had to consider wording, phrasing, and voice acting for each new task, this would be a much much longer process, and it would heavily limit my ability to add more content.

Repetition: The game is intended to be played very frequently compared to most NSFW games, in my opinion having dialogue would inevitably lead to issues of repetition - Seeing/hearing the same line of dialogue 10 times is different to reading the same instructions/description 10 times.

File size limits: With the game having a mobile version, and the demo being playable on the web, there's some pretty significant file size restrictions I have to keep in mind - Adding that many sound files would inevitably blow up the file size by a huge amount, and likely would make the web build a lot more complicated to maintain.

If your question wasn't answered, please feel free to message me at any time on either Patreon or Discord!

Web demo, PC Download, and Android .APK available!

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