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Update 44: Voiced Orders & Conditioning

Hello again!

There are two primary facets to this update:

Consensual Conditioning

The conditioning system is an addition we were careful with. There are a lot of potential BDSM pitfalls when it comes to conditioning that can lead to negative long term behavior for the person being conditioned.

We took a look at what forms of classical conditioning were the most likely to be beneficial, and did our best to apply them in various scenarios primarily through audio. This is effectively summed up in 3 different steps:


  • Step 1 is when the conditioning stimuli is added in certain situations, to create an association. (Audio drones while edging, finger snaps when edging)

  • Step 2 is when the stimuli begins to create conditioned reactions. (Arousal increasing when hearing an audio drone, finding it easier to edge upon hearing snaps)

  • Step 3 is the final step where Second-Order Conditioning can be applied. This means that stimuli that were previously conditioned can be used to associate to new stimuli - for example, playing the audio drone during worship scenes until worship scenes themselves elicit an arousal reaction.


While we know some people may want us to go deeper into conditioning and give more options, we did choose to start carefully here as classical conditioning is known to work very effectively. We only want to add options that increase fun, and for example try to avoid options that will condition players into only having certain reactions in certain situations.


This is a fairly thorough system implemented into many different facets and other systems in the game. It also required us to do some behind the scenes work that will help us in the future.

Voiced Dialogue: Whispered Orders

Some of you who have been around for a while know that I’ve personally always been against outright adding voiceovers. I have always thought that keeping the Succubus primarily third person is important to her appeal’s longevity.


I was of the opinion that repeated lines of dialogue can easily break the illusion of autonomy, and can easily encroach on what I would call the line of ‘’horny-cringe’’ - a variable threshold that heavily differs per person depending on their tastes in dirty talk, name-calling, etc.

On the other hand, we are well aware of how much many of you want this feature. It’s taken a lot of thinking about the form I would want this to take, to try to significantly improve the game for those who want it while respecting our own intended design.


We needed something that:

  • Could be optional, as not everyone will like a specific voice (and while we did experiment with generative AI for the purpose of voice variety, nothing was currently good enough or applicable to what we wanted.)

  • Is compatible with our procedural tasks, string generation systems, and very variable names/adjectives etc. Almost none of the VS text is static, thus, we can’t really directly apply voice to text that appears.

  • Would appeal to fans of ASMR (as feedback sources have made it clear this is an exceptionally popular aspect of the game) while also not alienating those who do not like it (as generally, those who don’t like ASMR really don’t like it.)

  • We could easily iterate on, easily expandable for all of our systems and varied content.

The core of the design behind our voiceovers is focusing them around telepathy - it’s not realistic to get our model to ‘’talk’’ in a convincing way, and it would feel wrong for the voice to just appear out of nowhere considering the intimate setting.

Your Succubus’ means of communicating with you will be whispering into your mind.

The first system we decided to start with was Orders, as it seemed like the best introduction. When given an Order, your Succubus will enter your mind and whisper into your ears about the task you’re expected to complete.

We’ve also provided you with a new slider in Options that allows you to tweak the voiceover’s Binaural percentage. While we could simply have this slider ‘’flatten’’ the binaural audio, we were not satisfied with the resulting quality. Our recording setup now actually involves two microphones recording at the same time. We then separately edit and perfectly synchronize the resulting clips so you can tweak the amount of binaural audio you get exactly how you want it.

Meeting all of these criteria wasn’t an easy task, but we think we have a good outline of future plans to expand the game with voiceover. We had to get in-house audio equipment, use a specific microphone setup, and we’re working on various skills and workflows that will allow for further improvements.


Due to the in-house recording requirement, the voice acting for Orders is performed by a different VA. We did our best to retain the overall feel of the audio and to make the Whispers fit in with the previous clips, but we hope to eventually shift and improve all our audio as it’s been made clear this is an important facet of the game to many. 

We would like to make it clear that this change of voice actress is primarily a matter of workflow - it’s an incredibly labor intensive process that requires a lot of direction. We also need to be able to iterate on this in-person rather than across an ocean due to all the constraints and specific needs we’re working with. 

These are also skills and abilities we want to expand on, as while VS is our main focus, we want to design more neat NSFW projects for you long term.

We hope we’ve managed to find a solution that appeals to the majority of you - we’re open to feedback and suggestions about where you’d like to see voiceover next.


Version 44: 


Whispered Orders & Binaural Audio

Hundreds of whispered audio clips have been added to support all of the available Orders.

Dev Note: …It wasn’t exactly easy to find good ways to tell you to make an ahegao face or do kegels.


A new audio slider has been added to options to adjust the Binaural percentage of these audio whispers. Reducing it to 0% will turn the clip into a Mono recording. We recommend doing this if you are playing on speakers, but we heavily recommend using headphones to maximize the effect of this feature.


New visual effects and audio effects have been added when Orders trigger to convey the Succubus entering your mind to command you.



Conditioning is separated into 5 different toggles, and one sub-toggle applicable to almost every other content toggle in the game. They are separated into three categories:


Conditioning Stimuli

Conditioning stimuli get associated with either arousal or edging, which will then be used by the second and third category of Conditioning toggles.

  • Conditioning Drone
    Will play an audio ‘’drone’’ background noise based on Arousal and the current task given. The drone will increase while asked to edge, and will increase even further while you are expected to ride an edge or orgasm.

  • Conditioning Snaps
    Will play a reward finger-snap after all edges.

Conditioned Responses

This category is all about responses that are caused after being conditioned by the stimuli you’ve enabled.

  • Drone Induced Arousal
    When she notices you’re not fully aroused, your succubus will sometimes induce arousal in you by playing the drone you’ve been conditioned to respond to until you raise your Arousal to max.

  • Snap Induced Edges
    A new variant on Edging that expects you to edge as soon as you hear the conditioned finger snap. She’ll ask you if you successfully edged when hearing it.


Second-Order Conditioning

This category is about associating the stimuli with other scenarios and tasks. For example, you can train yourself to be aroused by feet by enabling ‘’Feet Worship’’ and ‘’Worship Conditioning’’. Alternatively, you can do the same with Anal by enabling the ‘’Conditioned Arousal’’ subtoggle for that content category.

  • Worship Conditioning
    Will play the arousal drone during all worship scenes, arousing you through whatever body worship option you’ve selected.

  • Conditioned Arousal
    A new subtoggle appearing in the tweaks menu for any content toggle that has Interactions. By enabling this, any time the content toggle is involved in a prompt (as a base or a layer), it will play the arousal drone.


Preset Loading Optimizations

Following the release of this unexpectedly extremely popular feature, we spent some time refining how presets are loaded in and saved. This also applies to various other features we added in 43, where we cut a few corners in ways that turned out to be not compatible with many mobile devices.


The process of using presets should now be far more stable and less crash-prone for lower end mobile devices.



  • Added the ‘’Disable Passcode’’ toggle to tweaks.

  • Added the ‘’Yandere Events’’ toggle to bypass the personality slider needing to be set to maximum.

  • Ending teasing has a new conditioning-based segment that can happen to try to make you have an accident.

  • Added several additional conditioning drones to pick from, selectable in the Conditioning menu.

  • Added volume sliders for Heartbeats and Conditioning Drone


  • Significant increase in the rate of Mini, Side, and Order Tasks

  • Orders now have a chance to happen prior to tasks.



  • Fixed a bug preventing metronome sounds from being played during mini-metronome tasks.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an extremely long edge timer.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause ‘’Edge is Incompatible’’ to appear during timed tasks.

  • Fix for layer edging giving blank instructions under certain conditions while one handed.

  • Fixed the Maeve preset not inheriting optional toggles from the current contract.

  • Fixed player accessories being stuck undeletable in certain conditions.

  • Fixed Habits Duties and Commandments not displaying correctly if they included square brackets.

  • Fixed presets not randomizing a difficulty as intended.

  • Removed breast related tasks from the penis preset for Lyla (we are aware there are cases where you may want this, but we suggest a custom preset for this application)

  • Fixed the No Legs toggle not properly flagging thighs and ankles as unusable.

  • Fix for player accessories not working with presets

  • Fixed a bug when players have favorited all possible outfits and added an error message for when this occurs.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Edge is Incompatible to show during punishment edges.

  • Fixes for Training Mode

  • Fix for Done button not appearing during certain edge tasks.

  • Arousal should now be reset when safe wording

  • Fixed apologize orders displaying thank text.

  • Fixed a bug allowing appointments to be played before their assigned time.

  • Other minor bugfixes.

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