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Update 45: Lube & Moods

Hello hello,


Once again, two primary facets to this update. It’s a little smaller than usual - If you’d like a transparent writeup as to why, you can read more in the latest development update, including news on our plans and a small announcement.



For years now, we’ve had players requesting that the Succubus tell them to apply lube.


My first reaction has always been that it depends on the player, and shouldn’t be left up to an AI to figure out. Not everyone needs it, some may like way more of it, and the ‘’interaction’’ of her saying to do it wouldn’t be very interesting.


After personally investigating the fun of light chemplay in BDSM, homemade sensation oils and such, I grew to the idea of combining the idea of lube application with an entire system that would allow for a safe, light version of chemplay.


The Lube system supports four different locations - Penis, Vagina, Anal, and Oral. All four of these locations have different lubes that can be enabled both as regular lube and as a punishment lube - for example, it’s possible to add ‘’cold sensation lube’’ as a punishment, and when she’s angry and gives you a relevant task, she’ll tell you to apply that lube.


Oral has some special variants with taste-based substances, and we imagine players will be plenty creative in what they decide to use. We leave it up to you to keep this safe both for your toys and yourself.


This system has been implemented into every relevant facet of the game and will even be compatible with something like rhythm sessions.

Mood & Arousal Specific Toggle Tweaks

Another change that required us to dig into every single part of the game - you can now select the appropriate mood for each toggle to appear during your sessions.


A clear example would be only allowing CBT during Furious, while only allowing lighter forms of punishment when she’s merely angry. You may want to keep your favorite toggles for when she’s pleased, or you may want to add things you don’t like too much to Mischievous.

The same thing can be applied to Arousal levels, for example ensuring you only get the harshest tasks when you are the most aroused.


Keep in mind that this will also all interact with Personalities - for example, you may only want CBT when she’s pleased and gives you a Sadistic punishment. 

It’s also compatible with Worship toggles, meaning that she can force you to worship parts of her body you may not be into when she’s in an angry mood.


It’s a highly powerful additional layer of customization that will let players customize the way their favorite content is used throughout their sessions. We’d love to hear about interesting ways you’ll be using it!


Version 45: 




4 different lube application locations have been added, each one with various lube variants, and the ability to toggle them for regular and punishment tasks:


Penis/Vagina/Anal can have:

  • Regular

  • Cum Lube

  • Gel Lube

  • Slime Lube

  • Aloe Lube

  • Spit

  • Cold Sensation Lube

  • Freezing Sensation Lube

  • Warm Sensation Lube

  • Burning Sensation Lube

  • Numbing Lube


While Oral also has: 

  • Bitter Lube

  • Sweet Lube

  • Salty Lube


There is a time minimum between different applications of lubes, unless you’re being made to switch to a punishment lube. You will generally be keeping the same lube for a few tasks.


Mood & Arousal Specific Toggle Tweaks


Each Toggle category, including Worship Toggles, can now be assigned to only appear during the following moods:

  • Furious

  • Angry

  • Neutral

  • Happy

  • Pleased

  • Mischievous

Toggle categories can also be selected to appear only on Arousal level 1-4.

You can of course select multiple moods for each toggle, for example Angry & Furious.


Devious will count as both Furious and Mischievous for the purpose of these toggles.


This system also applies to edge tasks, meaning it supports gooning and prejac modes.


The compatibility with Speaking Urges means that you can also have her make you apologize only when she’s furious, or thank her only when she’s pleased. Worship compatibility means she can make you worship any part of her body only when she’s pleased, or perhaps only when she’s angry.



  • Added the ‘’Edging Drone’’ toggle. This separates the drone given during edging and cumming from the arousal-based conditioning drone.



  • Removed the post-oops severe punishment toggle as it relied on now removed systems.

  • Fix for Edge is Incompatible side and mini tasks.

  • Fix for a case where the Edge button would be replaced with the Good button

  • Fixed a bug with No Touching that could cause an incorrect message about time limit during the ending.

  • Conditioning snaps should now work during training.

  • Fixed a bug with looping conditioning snaps.

  • Fixed a bug with No Edging Gooning that would skip punishments for failing to edge in time.

  • Fixed a bug where No Edging could be ignored.

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