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  • Added a new rare count punishment that does not require any options to be enabled.

  • Support for flexible punishment tools (whips, belts, cables, etc)

  • Added several randomized start of session modifiers.

  • Succu-chan now has a chance to be ''unreadable'' for the day (no mood meter)

  • Succu-chan may now decide to test your obedience for a session, causing your actions to significantly impact what she thinks of you.

  • Succu-chan may now have sadistic days, where she decides to punish you whenever she wants

  • Added a ''Stable Rhythm'' toggle - This will cause rhythm events to only play one rhythm for the entire event.

  • Added 2 more rhythm variants

  • Split ''Insertables'' into ''Insertables'' and ''Plugs''


  • Succu-chan now properly tracks the passage of real time when you're gone. She will now react differently based on how long it's been since you last saw her. (This addition will also enable more fun things down the line, like better chastity support)

  • Succu-chan will no longer let you taunt as many times as you want, and eventually gets bored of you doing so.

  • Succu-chan will now notice if you were especially obedient (or not!) last session.


  • Added a new scene/animation: Cross-legged sitting on throne

  • Added a new scene/animation: Sitting on chair looking up at you

  • Succu-chan's eyebrows should no longer be showing through things like arms.

  • Fixed some extreme head tilt angles

  • The base ''neutral'' emotion now reacts to all 5 levels of mood

  • Added 2 new emotions

  • Adjusted some camera angles while she's pleasing herself watching you.

  • Eyes should now show more through her animated hair highlights.

  • Adjusted body outlines to make them less rough and a bit more obvious (matching the hair and head) on all skin/underwears

  • Oral minigame now has 2D art, and is no longer considered alpha state.


  • Rebalanced likelihood of rewards and punishments

  • When she's not rewarding or punishing you, Succu-chan should now give you more (especially kink-related) tasks to do that aren't just stroking and timed challenges.

  • ''Stroke count'' events should no longer repeat in the same form twice in a row (she can still ask for another X though)

  • Changed several events to be marked as ''Loud''

  • If you leave her, Succu-chan will now stick around for a bit longer to see if you come back.

  • Adjusted the rate at which she'll ask you to edge.

  • Added a warm-up period where she can't ask you to edge.

  • Some timed events now have a ''failed'' option.

UI & Options

  • Menu rework

  • Added toggle menu paging, allowing for INFINITE CONTENT :O

  • Added a quit button to the PC downloadable version of the game

  • Disabled screen timeout on android

  • Graphics options including: AA, Resolution Scale, FPS Limit, disable particles/background detail (Resolution scale may cause rendering issues on some Android devices)

  • Made the reward/punishment text more readable

  • Rhythm events now have more spacing between beats.

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Big optimizations to some particle systems and general CPU usage.

  • File size reduction

  • Fixed some situations where Succu-chan's eyes would get stuck looking away from you.

  • Fixed some issues with emotions not playing properly while she's playing with herself.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from pressing ''oops'' after taunting or pressing mercy.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented save data from being reset properly on some setups

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing heart eyes from showing correctly

  • Fixed a bug that caused her to put on the wrong clothes when unhappy.

  • The menu music should now properly loop.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some events to repeat twice in a row


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