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  • Post-Session Tasks: Succu-chan now requests that you complete tasks before next session. Supports a large variety of kinks.

  • Progression: Unlock new rewards by keeping Succu-chan happy or pleased, and unlock new punishments by asking for mercy, taunting her or disobeying.

  • Session Extensions: If you're an especially good toy, Succu-chan may decide to keep you around for a little longer..

  • Red Light Green Light: Succu chan has a new challenge for you. Match her constantly changing instructions, and no touching unless she tells you to! This can be toggled.

  • Her Choice Time Limit: Replaces the ''random'' option, now is a random amount of time that interacts with the ''Session Extensions'' feature to give you a longer session (potentially much, much longer session) if you please her.

  • Added glossary of terms to the main menu (Suggestions are appreciated if anything has ever confused you in-game)

  • Succu-chan now asks you to get the required accessories/toys before giving you a task.


  • Added mischievous mood - Pleasing Succu-chan for too long may make her decide to play with you a little.

  • Oral minigame now has 3 different subvariants (for a total of 4 including the base minigame).

  • New intro modifier: Edging practice session.

  • Added 130+ new tasks, some unlockable, some already unlocked.

  • Added toggle to disable Rhythm/Cock Hero events completely

  • Added the following kink toggles: Workout, Oral, Hypnosis, Exhibitionism, Piss Drinking, Watersports, Forced Orgasms, Feet, Humping, Healslut, ABDL

  • Added the following accessory toggles: Collar, Permanent Marker, Cock Ring, Tape, Rope, Sleeve Toy, Panties, Pantyhose, Heels, Vibrator, Pen & Paper, Mirror, Makeup, Lipstick, VR Rhythm Games, Enema, Diaper, Pacifier, Baby Bottle

  • Added the following ''other'' toggles: Orgasm Denial, Ruin Denial, No Rhythm, No RLGL, No Minigames

  • Added a toggle toggle so you can toggle your toggles with a toggle.


  • ''Orgasm Denial'' toggle has been split into an additional category (Ruin Denial), moved to ''Other'' and is now a special toggle that guarantees punishment endings are denial or ruin.

  • Heavily increased mood punishments for failing tasks

  • Removed mood bonuses from successfully completing punishments

  • Added bad luck protection to kink-related events. This should mean a greatly decreased chance of repetitive stroke-based events, as long as you have kinks/accessories enabled.

  • Mood gains from successful tasks are now heavily reduced when Succu-chan is angry or unhappy.

  • Reduced the duration of the last phase of the Oral Minigame

  • Failing a ''within'' timed task now always leads to a punishment

  • Your answers to intro events now decides how tolerant Succu-chan will be of your failures for this session, changing how many tasks you can afford to fail.

  • Reworked how reward/punishment endings are attributed, now a mix of mood + ratio of success/fail.

  • Non-stroking counted tasks should no longer repeat twice in a row.

  • You should no longer get 2 rewards in a row related to rhythm tasks.

  • Removed ''go again'' option so you don't have to see Succu-chan be sad... for now.


  • Changed menu X to checkmarks

  • Passcode entry screen on PC now has a quit button.

  • Added ''Decline'' to some counted tasks


  • Added the following toggles to the graphics menu: FPS Counter, Disable Post-Processing

  • FPS Limits are now 20/30/60/unlimited

  • Resolution scale options are now 25/50/100/150/200


  • Added 2 new animations to edge tasks

  • Added 2 new animations that will appear during reward endings

  • Added 2 new animations for RLGL

  • Added 3 new idle animations

  • Changed camera angle and expression on Rhythm task

  • Added ''Disappointed'' expression

  • Added ''Smiling'' expression.

  • Added ''Yawn'' expression for when she stretches

  • Added ''Stare'' expression for when she's judging you


(Shoutouts to the crazy testers that have been helping me for many, many hours while developing this version! Interested in helping? DM me on discord) 

  • Fixed the disappearing throne bug

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Succu-chan to misremember your performance from last session.

  • Succu-chan should now tell you to stop when she wants you to stop a timed request.

  • Changed some minigame code that was tied to framerate

  • Fixed a visual bug that was showing the edge timer too early when doing the minigame twice in one session

  • Fixed a lockup that was caused by pressing mercy too many times

  • Mood indicator should no longer reappear after a minigame if Succu-chan is unreadable for the day.

  • Moved down fps counter a bit to take into account phone notches

  • Changed the fallback mechanism for when she's unable to find a new task, this should reduce the likelihood you'll see the same task twice.

  • Fixed minigame points going into negatives 

  • PC: When putting the game in windowed mode with alt+enter, the game should now properly fit on the screen.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to spam buttons to cause several things to break.

  • Windowed mode should no longer reset on game reload

  • GPU Optimizations

  • CPU Optimizations


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