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  • Added voice acting (+Reworked some expressions/timings to fit voice acting a bit more)

  • Added chastity support (Selected in ''Special'')

  • Sad mood (Succu-chan now gets sad if you keep her angry for too long)


  • Added ''Other'' toggles: Random Endings, Forced Punishment Endings, Masochist Mode, Limited Edging, Hidden Mood, Polyamory

  • Added ''Kink'' toggles: Censor, Drool, Recording

  • Added ''Accessory'' toggles: Figging, Whipped Cream, Syrup, Anal Beads

  • Added 30+ more tasks.

  • Added 12+ more post-session tasks.

  • Succu-chan now has different expressions and voice tones depending on if she's refusing mercy on a punishment or a reward.

  • Added 4 new sets of clothing

Graphics/Audio :

  • Improvements to post-processing performance.


  • Added new outro animation.

  • Added new animation to timed tasks.


  • Post-session tasks should no longer involve cumming when you have either type of denial turned on

  • Fixed a bug causing unintentional large happiness changes

  • Fixed a bug with player arousal/endurance when asking for mercy

  • Fixed a bug causing sadistic mode to unlock more punishments than intended.

  • Succu-chan no longer tilts her head when motioning ''no''

  • Fixed timed text spoiling the surprise

  • Reintroduced the look changes during rhythm event

  • Various other minor bugfixes and adjustments.


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