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  • Implemented ''Modifiers''. This features allows Succu-chan to keep track and remember when she gives you a task that changes player state - such as the player inserting an object, or attaching clamps, etc. This prevents incompatibilities, and allows for new forms of tasks and events, such as rewarding/punishing the player by removing a negative/positive modifier. Having the ability to keep track of modifiers also enables a lot of tasks to be dependent on them, meaning some tasks will only appear when you have certain modifiers.

  • Implemented a new task category called ''Push Limits'' tasks. These tasks challenge you to do a certain action for as long as you can, and Succu-chan will track your progress with them across multiple session.


  • Added ''Other'' toggles: Kinky, Endurance Test, Harsh Punishments

  • Added ''Accessory'' toggles: Insertable Vibrator, Chastity Device, Rubber Bands, Inflatable Plug, Ring Gag

  • Added Special Toggle under Chastity: No Pleasure

  • Added 70+ more tasks.

  • Added 10+ more post-session tasks.


  • Counted tasks are now always doubled when Succu-chan feels mischievous.

  • If you have chastity toggle enabled after being given release, Succu-chan is guaranteed to lock you back up (scaling with difficulty).

  • Chastity toggle now changes her expectations of how often you visit her. She won't be happy if you show up too soon, but she also expects you to visit at least daily.

  • +Succu-chan now has a chance to make session ''hers'' while you're in chastity, preventing any pleasurable tasks (and keeping you locked up if applicable).

  • Decreased the chance Succu-chan refuses your begging for chastity release.

  • +Succu-chan now requests edging frequently when mischievous.

  • Mercy now always works during the reward rhythm task, since it's a reward.

  • Masochist mode punishments are now always timeouts.

  • Added ''Thank you'' button to some tasks/events

  • Added ''Failed'' to red lights

  • Added ''Disobey'' button to several timed tasks.


  • Added new animation/scene for Push Limits tasks

  • Added new alternative feet related animation

  • Added new animation for timeout and free stroke tasks

  • Added new animation for timed tasks

  • Added new animation for edge tasks

  • Bunny outfit now has fishnet stockings

  • 5 new outfits


  • Improved a bunch of caching-related issues, which should lower battery drain overall

  • Significant model and shader changes leading to extreme GPU performance improvements on all platforms; Some devices reporting up to 100% increased framerate. (This may have a small positive or negative impact on the look of the game. If anything seems off to you, please feel free to report it as an issue!)

  • Reintroduced background elements to the mobile version, since they can be disabled and are no longer insanely intensive

  • Loadtime optimizations


  • Fixed bugs relating to the taunt limit in the rhythm task.

  • Fixed a bug making some modifier-applying tasks less likely in 0.04 (See: Nipple clamps, etc)

  • Fixed bugs causing a few specific tasks to appear when their toggles were disabled.

  • Edge tasks should no longer be attributed reward/punishment properties

  • Fixed some outfits showing as non-censored after being stripped (when censor toggle is on)

  • Fixed a bug causing multiple re-unlocks

  • Some completely incompatible outfits will no longer show if censor is enabled.

  • Sad state should now properly disable both ''forced'' punishments and sadistic punishments


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