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  • Implemented ''Edging Challenges''. Get challenged to various types of edges right before she releases you from the session. 


  • Added ''Other'' toggles: No Edging Challenges

  • Added 10+ more tasks & Post-session tasks.


  •  Chastity date & time timer now allows the player 8 more hours between sessions before Succu-chan gets upset you didn't show up.

  •  Chastity days can no longer be added as punishment if the current session did not begin in chastity. 

  • Removed an old mood adjustment function that caused rewards to lower mood, as it's no longer necessary for the game. This should lead to more use of the ''Mischievous'' mood. 


  • Added 2 new reward ending animations. 

  • Added 1 new edge task animation. 

  • Added 13 new idle animations. 

  • Idle animations are now split into two categories: Clothed and Stripped (or naked), Succu-chan's clothing type now affects what idle animations are allowed to play. 

  • Some idle transitions are now only allowed during fade to blacks, which should lower janky transitions.

  • Outfits Added: Just Band-aids, Frilly with Bikini, Short Black Dress, Summerwear, Edgy Leather, Mesh Leotard 


  • RLGL now has a ''complete'' prompt 

  • Push limits tasks now have..limits. 

  • Fixed say tasks not being marked as loud. 

  • Fixed several modifiers incompatibilities. 

  • Added Drooly modifier 

  • Fixed some idle layer animations playing after a transition when they shouldn't. 

  • Fixed some VR Rhythm game tasks not having the proper toggle requirements. 

  • Fixed a bug causing ''Another another'' to appear during counted tasks. 

  • Renamed ''Insertable Vibrator'' to ''Vibrating Insertable'' due to some flagging issues - You may have to re-enable it. 

  • Many animation adjustments. 


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