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  • New toggle: Post Orgasm - When enabled, Succu-chan will give you a rhythm stroking challenge after you earn your release. The longer you last, the faster she'll go - Last as long as possible to make her proud of her toy's endurance!

  • New toggle: Post Ruin - When enabled, at a certain point during the session Succu-chan will let you release some pressure. You'd better only go that far, because she'll expect you to finish the session as normal.

  • New toggle: Post Oops - The punishment version of the last two toggles. After pressing oops, Succu-chan will give you some ''pleasurable'' punishment.

  • New feature: Outfit Compliments -  Every session, Succu-chan will ask you to tell her what you think of her outfit. Based on your answer, further appearances of this outfit will be weighted differently. New outfits will always have a near-guaranteed chance to appear first.

  • Virtual Succubus on PC now includes an automatic translation tool from a third party source. Bugs, scaling issues, etc may appear, but most languages should at least function.

  • Changed fonts on every aspect of the game to accommodate automatic translating tools. This should also improve readability a little bit. This could result in weird text bugs/scaling issues/etc for this version! Please let me know if I missed anything.

  • Questions & Decisions have been implemented. This feature should show up sporadically throughout a session, and can heavily affect how the rest of the session will play out (or if it continues at all..).

You may notice the final implementation of this is a little different from what was planned on the roadmap and sneak-peek video.  While implementing this feature, I realized that it needed to have a far higher impact than simple ''choose your own task'' or ''choose your own result'', as anything else would quickly become overbearing to the player and often border on meaningless. The feature has been reworked to have custom programmed prerequisites and results, meaning Succu-chan will adjust her questions to the session far more than was initially planned. The question count is more limited, but overall, this seemed to have a better impact on the flow of a session. Examples of a prerequisite-based question: Declining/Taunting/Disobeying too often can lead to Succu-chan asking if you're being a brat on purpose.


  • Added new prompt at the end of edging challenge.

  • Added ruin to the glossary.

  • Added ''Clothing'' toggle (For all existing tasks that involve wearing more or less clothes)

  • Added Taunt button to the ''small break'' Edge Challenge prompt. Taunting her will skip the break, and increase her mood.

  • Added ''Bad Day'' intro question & mode. If you've had a bad day, Succu-chan will ask if you'd like her to be easier on you for that session. If you agree, Succu-chan will not ask you too many questions or care what happened in the previous session. She'll also never be unhappy or angry, and will only ''punish'' you under certain circumstances to keep it fun instead of based on her mood. Her mood will no longer drops as heavily, or as frequently, and she won't enter a ''Mischievous'' mood state. 

  • Added ''short fuse'' intro event

  • Added ''No Post Session'' toggle

  • Added a decline button to the post session task prompt, with appropriate reaction.

  • Added new accessory toggles: Clothespins, Dog Toy, Tail Plug, BDSM Candle

  • Added new modifiers: Tail Plug, Dog Toy, Clothespins: Tongue, Clothespins: Lips, Clothespins: Scrotum, Underwear Mask

  • +30 new tasks.


  • Adjusted a majority of ''fast stroke'' tasks so they no longer show up before a certain early point in the session.

  • Inflatable plug modifier is now a punishment.

  • ''Breath Control'' tasks are no longer multiplied by ''Endurance Test'' or ''Harsh Punishments''

  • Changed inflatable plug events to be a little bit less intense.

  • Reduced the chance for the ''no touching'' timed tasks to appear


  • Various animation adjustments

  • ''Free stroking'' reward animation changed to Succu-chan playing with herself

  • RLGL no longer transitions to idle or thinking animations, this should reduce animation jank significantly for RLGL events.

  • Succu-chan now has a shocked reaction after an oops, and transitions faster to the next scene.

  • +3 Outfits - GothApron, GreyMaid, BlueStriped

  • Edge challenges now have their own animation.

  • Added new animation variant to push limits tasks.


  • Rhythm event (Cock Hero) should now match the beats better, and can now scale to a far higher speed without breaking.

  • Fixes for some tasks appearing even if they're not unlocked.

  • Fixed an ending animation where she didn't look at the player half the time.

  • ''Taunt'' should now properly disappear during edgechallenges

  • Reworked how buttons are assigned for counted tasks. You should no longer be seeing ''oops'' on Deepthroat tasks. (Sorry to very enthusiastic deepthroaters out there..)

  • Tally task should no longer show up with no touching modifier enabled

  • No touching modifier should now disappear on session endings (unless the chastity no pleasure toggle is enabled)

  • Disabling pleasure in chastity should now disable several post-session tasks that are incompatible


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