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  • Implemented Counted Tests (Unknown Repeat Count on roadmap)

  • These tests will challenge you do to various things a number of times. Once you've repeated it enough, ask Succu-chan for mercy and see if you've met her expectations. Ask too often, and she may not be happy with you..

  • Push Limits and Unknown Repeat Count tasks are now part of a new task subcategory called Tests, and are now called ''Timed Tests'' and ''Counted Tests''.

  • Tests are now spread out across a session with a minimum amount of time between each completed test, instead of being a random task.


  • Added Toggles: Kegels, Selfies, Condoms, No Timed Test, No Counted Test, Sadistic Mode, Hidden Timers

  • +50 Tasks

  • Added exit prompt (Goodbye) if post-session tasks are disabled

  • Added 2 new sound categories: Aww & Chuckle

  • 39 new audio clips

  • Added 3 new outfits.


  • Reworked how session extensions work to make them more consistent with the amount of new task types - Note that this may result in a change of average duration for these sessions depending on her mood - Let me know if this was moved too far in either direction.

  • Session extensions now only appear in the ''her choice'' time limit. This was changed due to several new mechanics already extending sessions a little bit past their intended duration.

  • It should no longer be possible for session extensions to appear twice in a row on ''Her Choice'' time limit

  • Removed the 1111-1-1111 beat type

  • First sessions no longer have intro events

  • Short session timer is now always 20m - This was changed to give tasks more breathing room, as more tasks types have been added over time.

  • Changed emotion at the end of successful timed task, and added smug sound  (so you can tell when it ends without looking at the screen)

  • Reduced the chance for modifiers to be applied

  • Negative modifiers should no longer happen at the very start of a session (this should fix issues with kneeling appearing at the start of the session frequently)

  • Post-session task intro question now has a ''failed'' button that's a lesser penalty than ''no''

  • Edge tasks & RLGL events are now rate adjusted by how long you take on them.

  • Adjusted down some timers on workout tasks

  • Forced punishments/rewards now take priority over other event types


  • Fixed some lighting issues on rhythm event

  • Fixed one hypno task having a modifier incompatibility

  • Fixed polyamory toggle

  • Re-introduced desk scene for tests

  • Oops should now be correctly punished with more chastity when post-oops is on

  • Dog toy fetch task is now incompatible with any modifier that involves a busy mouth

  • ''Make up for your failures'' decision should no longer appear when you haven't failed enough

  • Added a bit more of a delay at the start to hide the outfit generation period

  • Removed toggle toggle ( D: ) for menu space reasons

  • Graphics menu now has text indicating how to change to windowed mode

  • Questions leading to no touching should no longer appear on the demo version

  • ''Make up for your failures'' decision should no longer show up when sadistic is on

  • Disobeying counted tasks should now properly result in guaranteed punishment

  • The post-oops text should no longer appear on every cock hero event when post-oops is enabled.

  • Fixed some text alignment issues on the chastity red text in the special menu

  • Some scene animations are now flagged to only play when she's stripped for clipping reasons

  • Spoiling question should no longer happen when ''no touching'' is active

  • Fixed an issue with the No Rhythm toggle being combined with Post Orgasm/Post Oops causing the session to just keep going.

  • Fixed Ring Gag not checking modifiers correctly

  • Fixed a bug with bad day mode not functioning correctly with 'no pleasure' toggle

  • Fixed vibrating insertable text going outside screen limits

  • Naked modifier can no longer be applied while Pantyhose is active, but the opposite can still happen.

  • Fixed a bug that was showing the wrong type of emotion and text color on positive choices during decisions.


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