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Full patch notes Features

  • Implemented Endless Time limit

When endless time limit is enabled, Succu-chan will only let you go after you've begged her for it. She may decline, if you haven't satisfied her yet.

  • Implemented Spin The Wheel events

Spin the wheel events happen periodically, leaving your fate up to luck. Before she spins the wheel, you may taunt Succu-chan to increase the results of the spin (both negatively and positively). Taunting her too much may lead to her getting annoyed at you, or may make her decide to up the stakes a bit, changing the results to some special things such as session-long difficulty increases, chastity days, etc.

  • Reworked Outfits & Happiness

Happiness (The long term tracked stat of how well you've been doing) is now called Favor. Favor has been reworked to be closer to a currency - Earn enough favor, and she'll reward you with a lewder outfit for a single session. You'll have to re-earn that favor to see more! Eventually, more things will be tied to this favor system. Outfits are now split into two categories instead of 4, Normal (28x) & Lewd (8x). This should increase significantly the variety of outfits you'll see on a regular basis.


  • +40 Tasks

  • +4 Outfits (3x normal, 1x lewd)

  • Added No Spin toggle


  • You can now optionally decline chastity day removal.

  • Added taunt button to the end of edge challenges, restarting the process and a decent chunk of favor and mood.

  • Red timer during RLGL is now 5-20 instead of 10-15


  • Upgraded the Succu-dick. This may cause wobbly issues. Please report issues pertaining to the Succu-dick.

  • Succu-chan now periodically looks away during tests 


  • Punishments should no longer take priority over endings (fixing an issue with skipping to end)

  • Added ''...again'' to repeats during counted tests

  • Added some missing chinese font characters

  • Added support for japanese characters

  • Fixed another bug causing weird headtilts

  • Completely reworked how Counted tasks are generated. This may lead to some bugginess for a while, but was necessary to remove some hardcoding. Let me know if anything seems off!

  • General typo fixes, modifier incompatibility fixes, etc.


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