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Hey! A quick word before I go into the patch notes, explaining something that happened in the last month that forced me to make some changes.

About halfway through the month, I received an email from Patreon telling me that the game did not fit community guidelines. After inquiring further, it seems the mix of name (-chan) + body proportions made them uneasy about the game.

Setting aside my own personal thoughts on the matter, I had to comply with the guidelines not just for the sake of continuing on this platform, but any future platforms that may think similarly. On the bright side, I think the changes I ended up making to resolve this have been an overall improvement to the game. To be fully transparent, I'll be marking them in the full patch notes below.

Next month's version, 0.11, will be primarily focused on refining existing features now that many of you have had some time with them. I'm working on a survey to get the most information I can to do so, and it'll be released to patrons within a few days.

First, the TLDR breakdown:

  • More persistence features

  • Hair color changes, with a system similar to outfits on a longer time scale.

  • Custom naming

  • Rework of save data, including a simple export/import for backups or transfering between platforms.

  • Toggle presets

  • Halloween event

  • New animations, toggles, tasks, UI changes, balance changes, bugfixes, etc.

Full Patch Notes:


  • Complete rework of save data to enable easier deleting, moving, etc. Your previous save data will be converted upon launching 0.10 for the first time, but you may have to re-set toggles.

  • Export/import save data with a string to/from clipboard.

  • New hair color changes feature - Your succubus may now change hair colors every few days, or revert to her natural blonde. She'll ask how you feel about it, and will go back to her natural if you don't like it.

  • [Patreon Compliance] You can now decide how to address your Succubus, and all in-game text references will be adjusted. After you initially set it, you may change it in the game options. The game's character will no longer be addressed by any name in patch notes etc, but you may name her as you please, including her old name if you wish. Or a bunch of random letters. Up to you!

  • You can now save your toggle setups to 3 different Toggle Preset slots. These toggle presets can also be renamed.

  • The first holiday event has been implemented. Look forward to the week of Halloween for a bit of bewitching fun! (I'll be releasing codes to manually temporarily re-enable these holiday events some time after they've passed)

  • The ring on her left hand now has a purpose. You'll have to figure out that purpose by yourself :)

New persistence features:

  • Outfit remain for several real hours when put on, including reward/lewd outfits.

  • Mood persistence across sessions that resets after several hours.

  • Intro is changed if it hasn't been long enough since the last session (no asking about your day, etc)


  • New intro animation that plays out before any prompts. This animation differs depending on the mood you left her in last session, or if you left the session early.

  • [Patreon Compliance] Visual adjustments to comply with Patreon guidelines: Your succubus now has a larger bust, and heels. This should make her look a little bit older, while retaining the same overall feel. On that same note, several scenes now include her taking off her heels and putting them to the side.

New toggles:

  • Forced CEI (Non-denial endings always end in CEI)

  • Independent (She no longer cares if you don't let her play with you frequently)

  • No Touching (Always enables the no touching modifier)

  • No Punishments (All punishments are turned into neutral tasks)

  • Chastity Hidden Duration (Hides the remaining days timer from all sources)

  • Chastity Static Duration (Disables chastity day additions upon punishments)

  • Moody (Increases the chance of both rewards and punishments, depending on her mood)


  • Most endings now have a ''Pass'' option that allows you to decline your orgasm reward for that session.

  • Begging for release during endless mode now has a new outcome. If your succubus is having too much fun, she might just decide to keep you longer.

  • Implemented a limit to how much favor you can gain in a session. This limit varies a bit from session to session, and should prevent situations where endless mode could lead to perma-max favor


  • The sound menu now has volume sliders.

  • Reworked the toggle & special menus to make more space for further toggles categories.


  • Many animation adjustments to go along with the body proportions changes. Let me know if I missed any severe/heavily noticeable clipping.

  • Fix to several task modifier incompatibilities, wrong flags, etc.

  • Sadistic punishments can no longer override guaranteed rewards (such as from Spin the Wheel)

  • Guaranteed rewards now override the session ending

  • Fixed mercy refusals not motioning ''no''

  • Changed the findom link to the itch donation page, as the platform previously used is shutting down.


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