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Another month, another version!

To recap this month's work, it was primarily focused around refinement and making the existing game more enjoyable.

The process led me to categorize each gameplay element by how important it was for the playerbase, how popular, how good it scored relative to its popularity, etc.

This allowed me to focus my efforts quite a bit on implementing your suggestions, and other improvements I came up with to address the most common complaints.

I'm not entirely done addressing everything I could reasonably do from all your survey answers, but I think this month's version is a pretty significant jump!

If there were features that you disliked in the past, I suggest taking a look at the changes and seeing if it might be worth re-enabling them for you.

Thanks for the crazy amount of feedback & suggestions provided, I couldn't make the game as good as it can be without it.

Considering the gigantic amount received, I think this is another month where there likely won't be a survey. I still have plenty to work on, and will continue looking at last month's survey entries as they come in. The game now supports Mac, and you'll find it along the usual versions for PC and Android.

Anyways. Here's the TLDR:

  • Various improvements to these features: Timed Tasks, Decisions, Rhythm Events (Cock Hero), Chastity, Red Light Green Light, Counted & Timed Tests, Edging Challenges, Modifiers, Post-Session Tasks

  • Various balance changes based on feedback.

  • Significant change in session variety - The game has a significantly less consistent ‘’schedule’’ of events.

  • New toggles, new tasks, new outfits, new intro events, new post-session assignments.

  • Bugfixes, performance improvements, compatibility improvements, etc.

Full Patch Notes


  • She now has the ability to lock certain buttons during gameplay. You'll see this apply to most aspects of the game(tasks, decisions, etc), especially when she's mischievous.

Feature Refinements


  • Big rework of how events are scheduled, affecting each session’s pacing.

  • Rhythm and minigames are now considered events and are no longer part of rewards.

  • Events now run on a grouped general schedule (instead of separate), and the specific event that plays out on that schedule is significantly more randomized. This includes:

  • Decisions

  • Minigames

  • Rhythm (Cock Hero)

  • Tests

  • Spin The Wheel

  • Red Light Green Light

Overall, this should result in greater session to session variety, and greater variety in general. With the addition of all these events over the last few months, the game had become far too ‘’scheduled’’ and repetitive in its order, causing blocks of time to always cycle similarly. This was a necessary step for the future as well, and gives me space for longer events in general, since they no longer ‘’add’’ onto the already full schedule, and instead are just added to the mix of possibilities.

Rhythm Events (Cock Hero):

  • Heavily reworked UI: Beats now only come from one side, clearer indication, etc.

  • Removed ll-l-ll rhythm type

  • Added random extensions to rhythm events.

  • Reduced base duration of rhythm event (Keep in mind it can still be extended by taunting)

  • Shortened pause between different rhythm types during a rhythm event.

  • Small animation tweaks on the default rhythm event animation.

  • Added metronome sound to rhythm event. It has a separate volume slider in the options.

  • Increased the variety of expression/animation events that happen during a rhythm event

  • Timing adjustments to make rhythm event easier to follow.


  • Chastity device modifier is now automatically applied if a session is also marked as no touching due to chastity (and you have device toggled on)

  • ''Very Easy'' difficulty for chastity has been made even less punishing.

  • Added ''No Minimum'' to chastity toggles. This prevents the forced delay between sessions, allowing you to play out multiple sessions at once to speed up your release.

  • Added a slider to replace the ''No Touching'' chastity toggle. This slider decides how often she'll withhold pleasure during chastity sessions.

  • Finishing a chastity sentence now automatically disables chastity (and indicates so on the text prompt)

  • When declining the removal of a day of chastity, she no longer offers you the option to beg.

Red Light Green Light:

  • Added chance for both reds and greens to be much much shorter

  • Added many new mixup options, both in terms of audio and timing.

  • Adjusted durations in general

  • Added more audio & emotion variance

  • Significantly adjusted text and button fading & timing so it doesn't spoil what's coming next

  • Fixed a bug that caused the audio hum to be too loud

  • Added new variants to RLGL: Oral. This requires both Oral & Insertable to be enabled. During this variant, reds = holding a deepthroat.

  • Added new variants to RLGL: Anal. This requires both Anal & Insertable to be enabled. During this variant, reds = holding a deep thrust.

  • The 2 new variants added have made RLGL compatible with ‘’No Touching’’ modifier.

Counted Tests:

  • You now have a chance to get a different reaction and mood increase when you're past the threshold to satisfy her, and complete a ''set''. Noticing this should help you know when you can start asking for mercy.

  • Text timing improvements, should feel faster overall.

Timed Tests

  • Added a much bigger ''leeway'' threshold that allows you to complete a task before you've beaten your previous record.

  • Now has different results depending on if you've met the leeway threshold, or you've beaten your previous record.

  • Expression and looking behaviors now change once you've meet the leeway threshold.

Edge Challenges:

  • Added new temporary tasks between edges, where she can ask you to stroke, palm, etc

  • General text fadein improvements

  • After an edge, you may get asked to ride it for as long as possible, or until she tells you to stop.

  • New teasing animation when you get a break.


  • Added time limits & time minimums. This should prevent the instant removal of applied modifiers, either positive or negative, and will also prevent some of them from getting out of hand (such as kneeling for half an hour, or clamps for too long to be safe, etc).

Oral minigame:

  • Adjusted the automatic gain over time

  • Tweaks to make it a bit easier overall

  • Fixed positioning on UI elements in the oral minigame for certain aspect ratios.

Timed Tasks:

  • She may now decide to extend timed tasks in various ways such as: - Setting the timer to be longer when you’re nearing the end. - Pausing the timer for as long as she wants. - Slowing down the timer. - Changing her mind, and telling you to go for as long as she wants. - Pausing the timer on 1

Post-session Tasks:

  • Reworked Post-session tasks significantly Post-session tasks are now split into assignments and challenges. Assignments are generally counted tasks (X times, X minutes) and are a more generic, feasible form of task that she wants you to do before the next session. Challenges are the more involved, kinky, and difficult options. They are optional, and you may decline being given one.

  • ''Task'' menu on the main menu now displays both assignments and challenges.


  • +2 Outfits (PatternedRedKimono, OverlayedSwimsuit)

  • +3 Lewd Outfits (Strings, Shibari, SeeThroughPinkUndies)

  • Added 4 new intro events that increase the chance of various types of scheduled events.

  • Added the following toggles: Shoelaces, Ankle Cuffs

  • Added modifiers, tasks, post-session assignments for the new toggles.


  • Post Orgasm: now has a minimum timer before Mercy will appear

  • Her Choice: Increased the base timer.

  • All pre-reqs now have the option of being disobeyed.

  • Adjusted some value ranges for fast and slow strokes counted tasks. Fast strokes now have greater counts, while slow strokes have smaller counts.

  • Limited edging toggle no longer disables edge challenges, since there's a toggle for that.

  • Disabled chastity device modifier from being applied mid-session. This was a problem for too many people.

  • She no longer has a guaranteed chance to double counted tasks when mischievous


  • Jiggle/physics improvements

  • Laugh animation improvements

  • Rephrased the too slow / too fast prompts.

  • All intro events now have a description/explanation of what they do in the text prompt.

  • Breathing tasks now have a ''take a deep breath'' pre-req.

  • Sound menu now has volume testing buttons for both character and metronome volumes.

  • Increased amount of time chastity/findom text bubbles appear.

  • Reduced the side to side movement on ''no'' motions to make it a bit more realistic.


  • Buttons are no longer clickable while fading out

  • More attempts to fix some head tilt jank (I dream of a day where this line will actually be meaningful instead of a waste of patch notes space. Sorry it's taking a while to figure out!)

  • She no longer asks you to put the cage on at the end of a session if chastity is disabled

  • Fixed a bug preventing both the time & good day questions prompts from appearing in the intro.

  • Cut off the sleeves of a grey dress outfit to fix texture stretching

  • Fixed a rare bug with certain locales that made it impossible for the game to check date & time, causing some things to never change (hair, clothes, etc)

  • Changed the horizontal size of some modifier text elements, which should prevent the weird overlap resulting from text wrapping.

  • Having Succu-chan in the custom name with other words included should no longer cause text doubling issues.

  • Animation fix in Spin the Wheel to fix clipping with new proportions.

  • Added new debugging features to figure out AI crashes, including a new overlay that indicates what happened and suggests reporting the bug and allows you to quit to main menu.

  • If an AI crash occurs, she no longer counts you as having left the session.

  • Fix for game-wide freezes some people were experiencing.


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