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  • Added Session Scheduling

You can now allow your succubus to decide when your sessions will happen. In the scheduling menu, you'll be able to set an allowed schedule for her to pick out from, and the maximum number of days between sessions. She will react accordingly if you are early, a little late, very late, or miss it entirely.
  • Added the new ''Toggle Locking'' function to the toggles menu.

This allows you to forcibly commit to a certain toggle setup for a number of sessions.
  • Added new ''Random Preset'' toggle to the preset menu.

This will enable a random preset from your saved presets every time a new session begins.
  • Added the ability to beg her to extend (non endless) sessions if you have enough favor.

This will increase her expectations and cost favor. You cannot beg for extension if the session has a bad outcome, and she will refuse if her mood is too low.
  • Implemented Bad Decision endings

Bad decision endings replace other forms of endings, and give you an option between a random choice of (Denial OR Ruin OR CEI) and making up for your mistakes with a random high-count counted punishment task. This may also be replaced with a sadistic session extension. Once you have a certain amount of favor with her, there's a chance the counted option will be replaced with an option to beg her for mercy. This will remove all of your favor, but give you a regular bad ending. For chastity, the first choice of ending is replaced with +1 Day, nullifying your session's progress. A slider has been added to the endings configuration menu.
  • ''No Edge Challenges'' toggle has been reworked.

It has been replaced with two separate sliders located in the ending customization menus. As a result, ''No Touching'' toggle no longer prevents edge challenges. Chastity no touching will still prevent them from happening.
  • Added new Events Sliders

All events now have their own chance slider. Events should still try to alternate, but you can now affect the odds each one shows up, or disable them completely. All event-related ''No X'' toggles have been removed as a result. You can also adjust the rate of events with the new ‘’Event Rate’’ slider. 0 = Never 1 = Every 8-16 minutes 10 = Every 1-2 minutes
  • Added Pain Tolerance slider.

0: Minimal pain. Reduces most pain tasks by 50%, and stops many from appearing at all. Note: This does not completely disable pain tasks, this is to allow many toggles to continue to be used with a significantly reduced difficulty level. 1: Removes most harsher pain tasks. 2: Default, all pain tasks enabled. 3: Multiplies the counts and timers on pain tasks by 1.5x 4: Multiplies the counts and timers on pain tasks by 2x
  • Added ''Random'' button to name selection.


  • Added "Lactation" toggle.

  • Added ''Fluffy Tail'' toggle.

She matches it to her hair color. More coming eventually!
  • Added "Oversized Insertable" toggle (and tasks)

  • Added "Never Nude" toggle.

This disables the strip reward, and makes her keep at least her underwear on for all scenes.
  • Added ''No Positioning'' toggle.

This disables tasks that require you to take certain positions, but will not disable content toggle-related tasks such as Workout tasks.
  • Added ''Humbler'' toggle (and modifier)

  • New potential mischievous outcome for Spin the Wheel.

  • Added 1 new lewd outfit

  • Added 1 new regular outfit

  • Added 1 new animation


  • Reworked the ''score'' requirement of tasks.

This should mean a bit of a different pacing; including the removal of extremely early session anal tasks. Long time limit sessions should start to get more variety earlier on.
  • The first task in a session can no longer be a timed one.

  • You can now beg out of ''No Touching'' sessions during the intro. The chance scales with her favor, and this will cost favor if she agrees to it.

  • The rate of edge tasks during edging practice sessions has been increased to every 75 seconds, instead of 120.

  • RLGL should now be more heavily affected by the current difficulty (endurance)

  • Changed chastity disabling. You can no longer disable chastity from the menu once a sentence is begun, and must now disobey in-game at the end of your release session to disable it.

  • She will now refuse your disobeys if you try to disobey after receving a counted task from either Spin the Wheel or the new Decision Endings.

  • Pressing mercy too early during counted tests now removes favor.

  • Further decreased likelihood of ball strokes counted tasks.

  • Chastity difficulty (sentence length) now increases upon every successful session. This scales up to 10x.

  • Rebalanced Spin the Wheel, making changing the result less predictable.


  • Significant menu restructuring

  • Many toggles have been moved into a new ‘’Visuals’’ category that will not get modified by toggle presets.

  • The toggle for loud tasks has been moved into the new gameplay customization menu.

  • "Edging Practice" is now a status.

  • Added ''Hide UI'' button.

  • ''Status'' button has been replaced with a generic menu icon.

  • Rephrased a lot of anal pre-requisite prompts to indicate you need to get ready for it.

  • Disobey during counted tests is now always red.

  • Added little angry mark on red buttons.

Bugfixes & Tweaks

  • Special scenes (Feet scenes etc) no longer count as scene changes for the purpose of animation variety. This should mean a greatly increased animation variety for those with toggles that have several unique scenes (feet, hypnosis, etc)

  • Fixed a bug allowing tasks to repeat when they shouldn't be able to

  • Fixed a missing ruin ending causing punishment ruin endings to default to regular endings.

  • Censored toggle now applies to the oral minigame.

  • Fixed an unintended head movement during transitions.

  • Fixed some droplet alignment issues.

  • Futa mode now has drip from both genitals

  • Fixed string modifiers being allowed to apply twice.

  • Clothespins tasks are no longer incorrectly marked as loud

  • Removed a few remaining instances of "two-handed strokes" that weren't intended to still exist.

  • Tails now moves faster in accordance with her mood rather than her arousal (a deprecated stat I've stopped using)

  • Fixed a bug where RLGL event was being failed even on successful completion.

  • Fixed some scenes having the tail enabled when it shouldn't be.

  • Animation improvements (and further lewding) on a butt pose

  • If you have a chastity device on, and you are not in chastity (for example no touching + chastity), you will now be prompted to take it off at the start of the ending sequence.

  • Oral minigame should no longer provide 2 instances of - or + mood

  • Post-Oops & Post-Orgasm are no longer disabled by No Touching

  • Fixed a bug causing a neutral spin result to show as punishment on the wheel

  • Chastity sessions with a device should now have a prompt to put the device back on after some failed session outcomes (oops, failed ending task, etc).

  • Fixed a bug causing button collider to stay activated for too long on the menus upon fading out, causing you to sometimes interact with things accidentally.

  • Disobeying on the pre-requisite (get X) during regular tasks now takes into consideration the button color.

  • White disobeys should no longer affect mood twice.

  • Lactation & Censored toggles now work with the sadistic outfit.

  • Bad Day no longer overrides No Touching toggle.

  • Fixed a bug causing save data to get reset if you hadn't started your first session after changing settings.

  • Fixed bug causing chastity to not get considered for post-session tasks.

  • She should no longer have a bad reaction if you decide to continue on with the session after being asked if you're having trouble.

  • Mood adjustment from being denied mercy should now only happen after the ''no'' motion.

  • Pressing a white disobey should no longer have a small flash of red before it fades out

  • Added a max timer to the various types of drips to prevent any getting stuck forever.

  • A few oral tasks now have the disobey button

  • Fixed an issue preventing saves from clearing properly

  • Fixed issues with non-english system languages and dates.

  • Fixed an issue causing timed task extensions on the last second even for some tasks where it shouldn't be allowed (such as hypno).

  • Harsh punishments is no longer invisible on the player status list

  • Changed Vibrating Insertable modifier to a reward.

  • Fixed some modifier incompatibilities with clothespins.

  • Reworked endless extensions and her choice extensions to be based on current session time rather than total, this should fix some issues with them reappearing multiple times in a short amount of time.

  • Fixed weird nail polish visual issue on jeans outfit.

  • Fixed a clipping issue in footjob rhythm event.

  • Taunting during edge challenges no longer has 2 favor texts.

  • Fixed aspect ratio issues on 3:4 android devices for the minigame.

  • Fixed bug causing sadistic to not be an intro event... unless you already had sadistic toggled. Woops!

  • Fixed some text popin positioning issues

  • Fixed a bug making the ''without her'' question appear when the post-session task wasn't compatible

  • RLGL (Green) mercy now results in -endurance

  • If you get a spin the wheel at the end of a session, the game should now give the session extra time to complete the outcome.

  • Fixed some issues with the bad ruin ending as a result of spin the wheel or decisions

  • Fixed an issue with rhythm CEI endings not triggering

  • Fixed color of String: Dick showing as green

  • Fixed more instances of breath-related tasks being paused when they shouldn't be.

  • Fixed a bug causing 2 ok buttons to show during the intro

  • Fixed a bug causing buttons to remain after a brat prompt

  • Fixed a bug causing a locked decline button to prevent the application of modifiers even after accepting it


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