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Yo! Another month, yet more progress towards world domination through cute dommy waifu AI.

This month’s release allows you to choose your pronouns for her to address you, and the beginning of support for vaginas. I didn’t think I’d ever make a game where “added support for vaginas” would be an actual patch note, but here I am apparently.

I’ve been planning on working on some of these features for a while, but somehow their release has coincided with Pride month, so hey, neat!

I even get to use the flag in my ads, it’s like I’m a real corporation now!

Another huge overdue feature is a ton of customization on how sessions behave after the player orgasms (or edges). There’s now support for many many different kinds of sessions, including allowing you to stop before you actually orgasm (Edge Stop), extending session the more you lack self control, or continuing sessions in various manners even if you’ve already cum. There’s even a sensitivity training mode where she’ll track how fast you came, and expect you to keep getting better and better at it. There’s also various possible punishments to cumming early, like post orgasm torture, cum eating instructions, general punishments, chastity.

All of these options are compatible with each other, and should allow for a whole lot of variety in how sessions play out.

For the rest, you’ll have to read the patch notes. Enjoy!

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Many many options related to cumming early.

  • Pronoun Selection.

  • Beta support for Vaginas.

  • Edge stop mode for players with less endurance.

  • 150+ new tasks, mostly relating to the new Vagina mode.

  • Support for both penis+vagina tasks at once (I’m sure you’re creative enough to figure that one out)

  • UI improvements, less intrusive during tasks.

  • Various new visual options.

0.18 Full Patch Notes


Genitals Selection

  • Added a new start screen where you can select your genitals at the beginning of the session. Vagina will be considered Beta for a while, but should be fully playable.

  • You can also change this in a new “Player Options“ menu.

  • Switching between Penis and Vagina will reset your toggle selections, as the options are different.

  • When Vagina is selected: - CEI & RuinCEI endings are disabled. - Until Dry is renamed to Multi-Orgasm - Several toggles will no longer appear due to their incompatibility. - Many tasks are disabled due to their incompatibility (and many vagina-related tasks have been added, still a work in progress and will be reliant on feedback) - Edge Challenges, RLGL & Rhythm events have appropriate variants, including a new animation. - Edge tasks (more complex forms of edging with positioning etc) are disabled.

Pronoun Selection

  • Added a new start screen where you can select your pronouns at the beginning of the session.

  • This will affect the way she addresses you during the game, allowing for things such as “his”, “her”, and "they". It is completely separate from Genitals selection.

  • There is an option for All, which will allow her to change the way she addresses you every prompt.

  • You can also change this in a new “Player Options“ menu.

  • The old "It" naming scheme is now reserved for bad moods and punishments.

Oops Customization

  • Added 2 new menus and a large variety of options for what happens when you cum (or edge). This should allow for many, many new playstyles and “types'' of sessions. All of the following toggles should be in some way compatible with each-other, but a few options may act as an override. - “Sensitivity Training” Your Oops button becomes a Cum button, and she no longer reacts negatively to you cumming early. She now tracks the time it takes you to cum, and is happy when she makes it happen faster. - “Edge Stop” Your Oops button becomes an Edge button whenever you’re not told to edge. Upon edging, you’ll be told you weren’t asked to, and asked if you were able to stop in time. After stopping in time, you may either get told to edge more (based on edging difficulty) or be given a punishment for edging when not allowed. This is compatible with “Sensitivity Training”. - “Continue After Oops” This allows you to continue the session normally after cumming early. Continue options are compatible with “Sensitivity Training” to create a multi-orgasm training mode. - “Continue After Ruin” This allows you to continue the session normally after you ruin. You’ll be asked to confirm after pressing the Oops button or failing to stop an Edge Stop. - “Furiously Continue” When allowed to continue your sessions with the previous options, she will remain furious for the remainder of the session. - “No Touching Continue” When allowed to continue your sessions with the previous options, you will no longer be allowed to touch yourself. - “Session Extension” Every Oops/Cum/Edge Stop will extend your session’s length. This is multiplicative and will compound. Good luck. - “Ruin Expected” This stops Oops punishments from happening if you successfully ruined. You’ll be asked to confirm after pressing the Oops button or failing to stop an Edge Stop. - “Post-Orgasm Torture” Your lack of self-control is punished with an overstimulating longer rhythm event. No mercy. - “Severe Punishment” Your lack of self-control is punished with a severe counted punishment. This happens after Post-Orgasm Torture. - “Chastity Punishment” Your lack of self-control is punished with a chastity sentence (if not currently in one), scaling to your Chastity Difficulty. If you are currently in chastity, your sentence will be doubled. - “Oops Cum Eating” You are expected to eat your premature mess.

UI Fadeout

  • During certain tasks, the UI (text, buttons, etc) now fades out to low opacity after 10 seconds.

  • The timer countdown is unaffected. There is a toggle to override this.

  • To help prevent accidental presses, buttons cannot be pressed until you fade the UI back in by tapping/clicking.

  • There’s now a UI options menu where you can disable this behavior, or remove the accidental button press protection.


  • Added "Less Counted Tasks" (Other Toggle) This significantly reduces the number of counted tasks given.

  • Added "Both Sexes" (Other Toggle) This allows tasks from both sexes to be given.

  • Added ''Punishment Edging'' (Other Toggle) Causes her to make you edge before every punishment you EARN (disobeying etc)

  • Added ''Black Tail'' (Tail Visual Toggle) Turns her default tail black.

  • Added 'Red Skin' (Other Visuals Toggle)

  • Added 'Purple Skin' (Other Visuals toggle)

  • Added “Large Horns” (Other Visuals toggle) This makes her default horns much larger.

  • Added 150+ tasks, mostly Vagina-specific with a few general tasks.

  • Added Fingering rhythm animation for both Vaginal and Anal variants.

  • Added 'Your Waifu' to Dom names.


  • You can no longer get 'skip session' decision offers if you have the session extension stake.

  • Non-punishment counted tasks now have a much lower chance of appearing during the first few tasks of the game.

Polish & Misc

  • New strapon model.

  • New portal effect for all rhythm events.

  • Added a damp spot that appears on her underwear when she's pleased towards the end of sessions. It also appears for a few minutes after she plays with herself.

  • Small adjustment to the laughing expression to make it a bit more natural (she transitions into a smile before laughing now)

  • She no longer gives a goodbye kiss when unhappy or lower.

  • Removed some of the lighting on her legs, felt too weird with thigh-highs.

  • She should no longer play idles while in the 'tsun' animation (looking away)

  • Added a better description to ruthless.

  • If the end of the previous session ended with denial, she now skips the ''fun without her'' question since she asks a similar follow-up question afterwards.

  • Adjustments to the blush effect (it's a bit less intense now)


  • Fixed a bug preventing timers from being mischievously affected.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some edge tasks to still show when edging difficulty was set to minimal.

  • Several edge tasks should no longer show up when No Stroking is active.

  • Fixed valentine's day outfit bugging out since .17

  • Fixed timed endings having way too long edge timers that ignored difficulty.

  • Fixed the “Come back within an hour” stake not appearing as intended and showing up as a duplicate of 'forget preferences'.

  • Fixed animation stutter bug.

  • She should now correctly get naked for rhythm endings.

  • Extension session stake now properly gets removed once you fail at least once, so it doesn't infinitely increase duration if you keep failing.

  • Hardcore findom button no longer shows when findom isn't enabled.

  • ''Favorite outfit'' no longer overrides the ''Done'' keybind for outfit preferences.

  • Fixed a bug causing you to get the same session stake twice in a row if you failed two sessions.

  • Fixed an issue causing outfits to sometimes change more than once a day.

  • Fixed bunny tail having a hole in it.

  • The transition into ASMR during edge prompts should now have the appropriate edge timer based on edge riding difficulty, to make it less obvious it's about to be an ASMR segment.

  • Fixed only a single earring appearing even with single earring turned off.


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