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Favor rework:

  • No longer tied to every task's outcome. Gains are much rarer, and now primarily rewarded at the end of a session.

  • Mercy now requires a certain amount of favor before it'll be considered.

  • Mercy no longer lowers mood upon being given.

  • Mercy now costs favor when given.

  • Being declined mercy now clamps her mood to at most neutral. This also means that you cannot disobey freely if you've been declined mercy.

  • Being given mercy during timed tasks no longer counts as a task failure.

Reworked Disobeying/Dedication(Score):

  • Disobeying while she's happy or higher no longer has implications upon the session's ending (does not lower dedication). It also no longer affects either chastity or findom, and has a different reaction.

  • All instances of ''Decline'' on task buttons should now be replaced with ''Disobey''.

  • Removed a lot of instances of ''Failed'' buttons, replacing them with Disobey, which takes into consideration her current mood.

  • Actions that will reduce your dedication (and affect the outcome of the session) are now marked with red text.

  • Mood no longer affects ending, only dedication.

Reworked endings

  • Endings have been reworked into multiple types, including task endings, rhythm (cock hero) endings, and timed countdown endings. Each of these have variants for all the possible ending categories.

  • Added 8 new sliders and a new menu called ''Endings Configuration''. In this menu, you'll be able to specify how often you want to see each category of ending (Regular/Denial/Ruin/CEI) for rewards and punishments, along with the chance for POT.

  • (As a result of the rework) Removed Other toggles: Ruin Denial, Orgasm Denial

  • (As a result of the rework) Removed Kink toggle: Forced CEI

Other new features:

  • If you act too bratty, she now warns you she's about to get serious. If you keep being bratty and she's not sadistic, she will become sadistic to correct you.

  • Your brattiness affects the chance for you to be given a free day off when begging at the end of a chastity session.

  • New expression/reaction for when you act like a brat.

  • Rhythm Events now have 3 new variants. Anal, Oral, and Footjob. This also means that rhythm events now function when ''No Touching'' is active.

  • She now reacts differently to you oopsing if you've asked for mercy and she refused. (Exceptions if you have post-oops or Chastity turned on)

  • Holiday event! You can expect similar changes to the halloween event, December 19th-26th. Just like the halloween event, the passcode cheats will be updated to include a way to force this to activate after the event has passed.

  • Keybinds for PC version. All 3 possible buttons have multiple keybinds, including: 1,2,3 F1, F2, F3 ZXC Left, Down, Right


  • She no longer takes mischievous actions like pausing timers, disabling buttons, doubling up counts, etc when her mood is ''angry'' or lower.

  • Added new behavior for begging to be released on endless while she's unhappy or worse.

  • Mid-session outfit swaps are now temporary and not saved across sessions for multiple hours.

  • Added a time limit to ''All Fours'' and changed it into a negative modifier.

  • String: Dick modifier has been changed to negative instead of positive.

  • Continuing to taunt while she's sick of it will now cause her mood to drop.

  • Added Mercy option to session extensions during Her Choice, stopping the extensions and ending the session. This upsets her.

  • Further decreased the chance of pinch tasks on normal sessions.

  • Rebalanced ending thresholds to make it easier to get a bad ending, this was necessary due to the new disobey rework.

  • Sadistic now always makes disobey cause -Dedication, regardless of mood. This allows for the possibility of manually pushing yourself into a less forgiving state by being bratty on purpose (taunting), and overall makes it harder to achieve good endings.

  • Breathplay related timed tasks can no longer be extended or disobey/mercy ''locked''


  • Animations/scenes have been reworked: Timed Tasks, Counted Tasks, and Edge Tasks now all play animations from the same (now much larger at 30 animations) pool. This results in about 6 times more animation variety during regular tasks.

  • Most animations now have multiple potential viewing angles. This should significantly help visual variety.

  • Many animations now have mood requirements before they're allowed to show, either positive or negative.

  • New animations for the Anal/Oral/Footjob Rhythm Events

  • Added special pointing down animation for when she asks you to kneel, get on all 4s, etc.

  • 10+ expressions now have ''angry/unhappy'' variants, which (mostly subtly) changes her expressions when she's in those moods. This should overall make her expressions a bit less bipolar when you're on her bad side.

  • 2 new outfits.

  • Renamed CEI toggle to PCEI, splitting off precum CEI from ending CEI.

  • Added Ball Press toggle under accessories. New tasks & modifiers including this.

  • Added No Horns & No Tail toggles under Other


  • Big UI rework.

  • Most information is now hidden behind a ''Status'' button. Modifiers have been moved into the new Status menu. The status menu now displays her mood and now has indicators for various other possible statuses, such as Sadistic, Moody, etc.

  • The game now has text pop ins for more changes than just mood.

  • Added a new text prompt indicating a post-chastity session.

  • Support for 3:4 android tablets

Bugfixes & Tweaks

  • Punishment Modifiers should once again be working. (That was a big one. Sorry! It wasn’t recognized/reported until late into the month.)

  • Fixed a bunch of potential AI crashes with modifier removal among other things. I hope that’s all of them, thanks for all the reports.

  • Cut off the sleeves (and lewded up, sometimes) several outfits to fix some clipping.

  • Changed the head lookat code completely, to fix some previous bugs. This should also re-introduce headtilts as they were intended to be. This could result in some weirdness, so let me know if you notice anything.

  • Added delay upon pressing ''edge'' during ending cock hero events to prevent accidental double taps

  • Beg option no longer shows when you've just completed a chastity sentence.

  • Fixed an instance of missing name text replacement on chastity day popups

  • Fixed missing audio upon saying ''no'' to the post-session questions during the intro

  • Fixed a bug causing the text to fade out twice after accepting a post-session assignment

  • Resized the text on Terms & Conditions to fit a narrower aspect ratio

  • Removed second space from ''Another X task''

  • No Touching / Sadistic question can no longer show up if Sadistic is already on

  • RLGL Oral/Anal variants should now properly respect modifiers

  • Her neutral expression now dynamically adjusts to her mood instead of just on expression change.

  • Significantly sped up ''no'' motion

  • Significant tweaks to standard Rhythm Event animation, it should now be much much smoother.

  • Failures decision now properly counts failures.

  • Unhappy ''neutral'' expression is now a bit more obviously unhappy.

  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from disabling chastity

  • Fixed a bug preventing chastity from being auto disabled if you had multiple chastity suboptions on

  • Chastity now gets disabled silently when freed from a chastity sentence, even with the duration hidden.

  • The timer for the timed oral minigame now properly starts upon loading into the minigame instead of before

  • Fixed a bug causing her to stretch at the start of every session.

  • BackArm idle has been repurposed into an animation scene, which should prevent some of the animation transition clipping issues it frequently caused.

  • Being locked out of pressing disobey during a modifier task should no longer prevent that modifier from applying.

  • It should no longer be possible to get sadistic twice.

  • Sadistic should no longer have a chance to override guaranteed rewards from Spin the Wheel

  • Disobey should now work when she asks you to do a counted task ''again''

  • Ankle cuffs are now properly flagging ankles as busy for modifiers.

  • Fixed some modifier incompatibilities.

  • Fixed a RLGL bug that caused some weird green text popins for half a second, and prevented CBT/pinch red variants from working as intended.

  • Independent toggle should no longer prevent the ''day'' question from being asked.

  • Fixed a bug causing some of the intro to be skipped sometimes.

  • Removing negative modifiers now correctly has the ''Thank You'' button.

  • Removing positive modifiers now correctly has the ''Sorry'' button.

  • Pressing mercy in RLGL should now always function (as in, it should act as if the button was pressed).

  • Reduced the delay before you can click on ''done'' during counted tests.

  • Fixed an old bug that was preventing timed rewards from playing in some rare situations.

  • Rephrased a red in anal RLGL to prevent small text size.

  • Oral/Anal RLGL should no longer happen when No RLGL is toggled.

  • Fixed a physics bug that caused clipping during the very first scene.

  • Masochist mode "rewards" (punishments) now properly display as rewards.

  • Fixed a rare issue where buttons may not show if you get the same task twice in a row.

  • Disabling Post-Session tasks will now also prevent her from asking about them, if any were assigned.

  • Rewrote the majority of the task picking AI logic, to help fix AI crash bugs.


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