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Hi again!

Wolf girls, cat girls, cow girls (the moo kind), you name it (Literally. Suggest away, I'll be adding more).

Hope you all enjoy!

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Visual Customization Options

  • “Until Dry” Time Limit

  • Difficulty Sliders

  • Fake Endings

  • Valentine’s Day Event

  • New content & bug fixes, as usual

Pre-Release Patch Notes


Added many new customization options.

Some of these new visual features react to her moods and expressions.

Some animal-like features are matched to her hair colors.

Head features

(These can all be enabled at once, up to you to make the combination you like!)

  • Default Horns (and removed No Horns)

  • Fluffy Ears

  • Kitty Ears

  • Dragon Horns

  • Bunny Ears

  • Raccoon Ears

  • Angel Halo

  • Glasses

  • Alternate Horns

  • Oni Horn

  • Elf Ears

  • Cow (Includes both horns and ears)

  • Piercings (Nose Ring, Nose Stud, Septum Ring, Tongue Ring, Tongue Stud, Ear Ring, Ear Stud, Single Earring) Note that earrings apply to animal ears as well.

  • Ethereal Horns (Makes all horns temporarily appear upon lewd or mischievous expressions)


(Only one tail can be activated, prioritizing the first in the menu)

  • Default Tail (and removed No Tail)

  • Raccoon Tail

  • Bunny Tail

  • Dragon Tail

  • Kitty Tail

New difficulty sliders:

(These sliders can be found in a new Difficulty menu under Customization->Gameplay)

  • Pleasure Difficulty (This is still dynamically adjusted by her, but this adds an extra layer of difficulty customization)

  • Edge Difficulty (Reduce or increase the amount of edge tasks given & affects edge challenges)

  • Breathplay Difficulty

  • Workout Difficulty

  • Oral Difficulty

  • Anal Difficulty

Added ''Until Dry'' time limit (Note that this is incompatible with chastity, denial endings, or post-orgasm)

  • Upon reaching the end of a certain time limit, she'll ask you if you're ready yet.

  • If you're not, you'll have a few more chances to get there until she denies you.

  • Upon finishing, you'll be asked to go again for a certain number of times. You may ask for mercy, or disobey.

  • All ending sliders apply.

  • Edge challenges may only happen prior to the first orgasm.

  • Post-ruin has been removed as a result of this addition.

  • Forced Orgasms toggle now disables disobeying or mercy during Until Dry sessions.

Added ''Fake Endings'' to Her Choice & Endless time limits.

  • During all forms of endings, she may now change her mind and make you keep going for longer.

You can now disobey modifiers in the status menu.

  • This has a very large cost to dedication and favor.

Added fake endings to Her Choice & Endless

  • Upon getting an ending while in either of these time limits, your succubus may change her mind and decide to keep you for longer.


Added toggles:

  • Serious (Prevents mischievous)

  • Appointment (This prevents you from beginning scheduled sessions until their scheduled time. Scheduling no longer does this by default.)

  • Always Shoes (Gives her shoes permanently, this could cause clipping)

  • No Drip (Removes fluid drips)

  • Hide Archetype (Hides the Reward/Punishment text on tasks)

  • Easy Post Session (Reduces the difficulty of post-session assignments, and disables challenges)

Reworked rewards

  • Many rewards have been changed to regular tasks, as they didn't really feel like rewards.

  • Rewards are overall significantly less likely to happen, to make them feel more valuable.

The task unlock system has been removed.

  • It wasn't fulfilling the purpose I intended it to for long term players.

  • You should feel absolutely no difference if you're not on a fresh save.

  • All tasks are now unlocked by default.

Other Content Changes

  • Added ankle chain with key when the player is in chastity

  • New outfit

  • 3 new lewd outfits

  • Added Valentine's Day event. This is a one-day event.

  • Counted workout tasks have been added now that there's a workout difficulty slider.

  • Added new ''walk around'' scene with multiple different animations and directional audio. This only applies for new tasks centered around the sound of her footsteps.

  • Disabled the jojo pose now that I've had my laughs. Maybe it'll be back some day...


Changed the behavior of non-counted duplicate tasks.

  • Now, when she's unable to find tasks to give you that aren't duplicates of an archetype (for example, she ran out of different rewards)

  • She'll no longer care and will give you duplicates of that archetype for the rest of the session.

  • This should fix some bugs with no touching, and improve variety for very long or low toggle sessions.

Further improvements to the Mercy system

  • There are no longer hard minimums on requesting mercy.

  • All mercy requests are now affected by moods in the same way, with a very small chance to succeed when angry.

  • You now get favor bonuses and penalties at certain favor thresholds.

  • Favor bonuses and penalties have a large impact upon your chances, regardless of mood.

Other Balance Changes

  • Significantly decreased the chance of the Sadistic intro event, since there are a lot of sources of it in-game

  • Intro events are no longer guaranteed

  • PCEI should now function with no touching, and instead is now only incompatible with chastity device.

  • The time extension decision is now a hidden, randomized value.

  • Reduced chance of sadistic/no touching decision a bit.

  • Removed a few unpopular tasks

  • Reworked Kinky toggle and status. It should now have a much greater effect on the ratio of ''toggle-specific'' tasks chosen.

  • Random Punishments (Sadistic or Mischievous) can no longer happen twice in a row.

Misc & UI

  • Sadistic & Mischievous punishments are now indicated in the fade in text before a task.

  • Delayed the hitbox on the oops button by 1 second to prevent accidental oops presses.

  • Added a black background to pop-in text to help readability with the status menu open.

  • Added support for 10:16 tablets

  • Removed the Anal toggle requirement on all plug-related tasks. This allows you to use exclusively plugs for anal, without getting other related tasks.

  • All the ending and event sliders now include % chances.

  • Visuals menu is now split into: Head Accessories, Tails, Other Visuals

  • She no longer skips the ''did you do anything without me'' question if you're in chastity.

  • Sadism outfit is no longer a default lewd outfit as it's seen enough already.


  • Finally fixed the empty last page menu bug. End of an era!

  • Changed the shader on a few things to try to help performance and compatibility.

  • Fixed some text prompts having her name twice

  • Fixed rhythm event mercies not affecting player endurance

  • Toggling No Post Session should now remove the current task from the menu

  • Fixed rhythm ruin endings not appearing.

  • Extend decision should no longer appear on endless session length

  • Fixed bug where the never nude toggle didn't cause her to strip to underwear for tasks flagged as naked, causing heavy clipping.

  • Fixed an issue causing ''no touching'' denial endings to very rarely show up as a regular ending

  • Fixed a missing oops on edge challenges

  • Fixed humbler not being compatible with other tasks that tie up legs.

  • Fixed a text fadeout issue in the intro.

  • Reworded one of the spin the wheel outcomes to indicate it's not always pleasure but ''fun'' (for her!)

  • Fixed Spin the Wheel reward giving multiple rewards

  • Fixed a bug where she continued to have chastity prompts during intros after disabling chastity.

  • Having chastity subtoggles enabled should no longer count as having chastity enabled.


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