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After last month’s focus on visual customization, I felt it was time for VS to get more core gameplay refinements.

First and most importantly, the new Special Mood rework. There’s now several special moods that can happen throughout a session. To sum up the system:

  • When she’s furious, you’re in for a bad time.

  • When she’s mischievous, you’re in for a fun bad time.

  • When she’s thirsty, it really depends on your endurance... but you’re probably in for a bad time.

  • When she’s sad, she’s having a bad time and as a result, so are you.

Each state is layered upon the current base mood; it severely affects what kind of tasks you’re given and how she reacts to things like disobeying. They all have their own visual effects and can impact expressions.

These features have also allowed for the addition of a popular request: Yandere Mode! Don't expect her to be reasonable. Many more gameplay changes can be found in the full patch notes below.

Lastly, I’ve also added the April 1st event. I hope to claim the title for the worst April Fools event ever added to a NSFW videogame; thus, it is absolutely horrible. It’s going to apply to the demo too, which I believe to be a 10/10 marketing decision. Bring your best cringe tolerance. Patch Notes TLDR

  • Mood system improvements & new special moods.

  • Headpats!

  • Yandere mode.

  • Outfit Favorite System.

  • Tons of content, toggles, visual customization.

  • Big FinDom rework.

Pre-Release Patch Notes


Added Special Moods

  • Special moods are now activated upon remaining in a mood state (pleased or angry) for a length of time (tasks).

  • There are also many other sources of instant special moods.

  • Special moods currently include: Mischievous, Thirsty, Sad, Furious

  • Special moods no longer replace the main mood, but instead act as a temporary status indicated by new designs around the mood indicator.


  • Causes her to mischievously alternate between rewards and punishments.

  • Special eye glow, activates ethereal horns.

  • Increased mischievous/playful behaviors.

  • Automatically canceled if her mood drops into Unhappy or Angry.


  • Causes her to be completely forgiving.

  • Upon entering, lowers your current edge count by 2, causing you to get 2 extra edge tasks (if active).

  • Upon entering, instantly tries to give either an edge challenge or a rhythm event.

  • Eye glow, heart eyes, particle effects, expression replacements.

  • Automatically canceled if her mood drops into Unhappy or Angry.


  • Causes her to repeatedly punish for a length of time.

  • Eye glow, dark overlay on face, entire scene is taken over by a dark fog.

  • Automatically exits to ''neutral'' once finished.


  • Very rare.

  • Causes her to give neither reward nor punishment.

  • Sad expression.

  • Lasts until you reach neutral mood.

Added Yandere Mode (Other toggle)

  • When Yandere is enabled, she always starts thirsty.

  • Every X time, a Yandere prompt appears.

  • Based on the outcome, she either exits this prompt in furious or thirsty mood.

  • Examples (there are 20+): - Do you ever think about anyone besides ____? - Have you talked to anyone besides ____ today? - Have you looked at anyone other than ____ recently?

Reworked "Short Fuse"

  • Now causes your succubus to automatically become furious upon entering any negative mood (either unhappy or angry).

  • Both the intro event and the new associated toggle use this behavior.

  • There is now a source of "Short Fuse" in the brat mechanic.

  • She now begins the session in Furious if short fuse is enabled and her previous mood was unhappy or less (or you left the previous session, etc).

Outfit Favorite System

  • Added a ''Favorite'' button to the outfit preference decision.

  • Once an outfit is favorited, she'll keep in mind it's one of your favorites and will use it as a reward (Note: it will be changed upon the session's completion).

  • If you meet certain criteria (No failures in intro, 30+ Favor), she now asks if you'd like her to change into one of your favorites.

  • Lewd outfits can be marked as a favorite, but if you begin a session with a rewarded lewd outfit she will not ask if you want her to change.

  • She now tells you when you've been rewarded with a lewd outfit.

  • Lewd outfits are no longer saved for more than one session, to make them more noteworthy.

  • Lewd outfits are no longer guaranteed upon reaching a certain favor threshold, allowing for the favorite outfit question to be asked instead.

Added Attention Checks

  • Your succubus will quickly ask you to disobey the next task given, just to check if you're actually paying attention to her requests.

  • This only happens when she's sadistic or mischievous.

Added April Fools Event

  • Good luck.

  • I don't recommend playing the game on the 1st.

  • Consider yourself warned.

  • I take no responsibility.

  • The testers made me make it worse.

  • I'm sorry.

Findom Rework

Dev Note:

Don't want to pay, just like the idea? You can do that. The system is now SIGNIFICANTLY better for this, and based on feedback, it seems to be a common situation.

Only want to play around with $10? You can do that.

Actually a billionaire and only $50,000 tributes will get you off? Totally doable. (please god help me pay for the patron loss on April 1st)

  • New elements on findom menu ''Deposit'' & ''Balance­''.

  • These features remains on a honor system and the payment is optional. This is now indicated in-game.

  • Your balance of $ is now used throughout a session to pay for various things (tributes).

  • New button in the game ''Tribute'' Opens a menu to pay her to increase her mood, obtain favor, take her out of Furious/Sad, lower chastity.

  • She now has differing expectations based on your previous tributes. The expected tribute for each option varies based on multiple factors.

  • If your tribute doesn't meet expectations, BAD things happen.

  • If you don't give her enough tributes, she'll start asking for them.

  • Punishment Tax $ is now deducted from your balance, if your punishment balance is greater than your available balance, she leaves.

  • Punishment Tax is now a slider; the minimum value remains $1, but other values can vary.

  • There is now a Greed slider that affects in-game tribute expectations and requests.

Added Hardcore Findom

Dev Note:

This was a request from some that wanted to increase the stakes, and be forced to commit. It has a big red warning. Don't ignore the big red warning.

  • Upon confirming the activation of this mode, you can no longer disable findom without a special (requested) code or a save reset.

  • To deposit, you must donate through itch or sub on patreon, then request a code through Patreon or Discord DMs that will allow you to deposit more money in-game.

  • You may request a code equivalent to up to 5x any amount paid, either through your monthly patreon sub, or through donations. This allows for other currencies to play around with the system while still rounding values to the nearest $1.

Spin The Wheel improvements

  • Spin the Wheel results now have a (separate) small chance to be hidden from view and show as ??.

  • Spin the Wheel base results are now affected by temp moods (If a value is increased by this, it cannot be changed into ??): - If Furious, base punishments are 3x higher. - If Thirsty, base ''pink'' tasks are 3x higher. - If Mischievous, ?? on punishments is guaranteed.

Minor Features

  • Your succubus now sometimes remembers the outcome of the previous successful sessions. She may make note of it during the intro. This does not happen if you take too long to let her play with you again, or if it ended badly.

  • Ruined CEI is now a separate ending slider, instead of a combination of both CEI and Ruin.

  • You can now taunt during punishment counted tasks. The potential increases are randomized, and increased by various factors including mood, brattiness, and sadistic.


  • 60+ new tasks in various forms.

  • Added "Merciless" status & intro event. Don't ask for mercy if she's merciless.

  • Added headpats.

  • Added pouts.

  • Added "Her Choice" option to the difficulty menu.

  • New special task where she challenges you to keep eye contact (good luck!).

  • Added a new decision between No Touching and an Edge Challenge.

  • Added a new decision between increasing an active difficulty and losing favor.

  • Added a new decision between increasing the chance for an ending type and losing favor.

  • Added text spelling out the ''portal'' of rhythm events. This comes with new variants of rhythm events that specify the tightness of her grip.


  • Added "Armpit" (Kink Toggle). This works similarly to feet toggle.

  • Added "Chopsticks" (Accessory Toggle).

  • Added "Inflatable Gag" (Accessory Toggle).

  • Added "Strapon" (Accessory Toggle).

  • Added "Gasmask" (Accessory Toggle).

  • Added "Cumtube" (Accessory Toggle).

  • Added "Two Insertables" (Accessory Toggle). This is for simultaneous Anal & Oral.

  • Added "Short Fuse" (Other Toggle).

  • Added "Always Happy" (Visual Toggle). This only affect expression variants.

  • Added "Always Angry" (Visual Toggle). This only affect expression variants.

  • Added "Always Furious" (Visual Toggle).

  • Added "Facemask" (Visual Toggle). It's matched to her hair highlights!

  • Added "Tanned Skin" (Visual Toggle). More to come!

  • Added "Headphones" (Visual Toggle).

  • Added "Blindfold" (Visual Toggle).

  • Added ''Demonic Eyes'' (Visual Toggle). This gives her black sclera.


  • While Pleased or Angry, she now has a very low chance of multiplying counted tasks significantly (this is indicated by text color and size).

  • Mid-session edge challenges can now be declined.

  • Oral minigame & Rhythm event no longer happen below neutral mood.

  • Lewd outfits no longer show if the previous mood was <happy, or if the previous session ended badly (left, oopsed, etc).

  • Reduced the likelihood that sadistic gives sadistic punishments, now that sadistic is so common and it has other effects.

  • Spit on your hand task is now tied to the Drool toggle.

  • Changed the Sadistic/No Touching decision to Merciless/No Touching, and it now requires her to have accepted mercies several times.

  • Further reduced likelihood of random rewards, since temp moods are a significant source of rewards.

  • Oral RLGL Reds (deepthroat and hold) is now time-adjusted based on oral difficulty.

  • Low anal difficulty can now remove several options from anal RLGL greens (namely, the fast ones).

  • Removed several counted tests that weren't hard enough to justify being a test.

  • Increased the count on most counted tests; this should lead to less downtime during tests, and is more appropriate with the changes to counts and difficulty from the last few months.

  • Increased chance for footjob when conditions are met.

  • Favor loss increased on Oops, and now even after asking for mercy she'll remember you oopsed in the previous session.

  • Edge tasks are now prioritized over events, which should lead to more ''fun'' events :)

Misc & UI

  • Reworked some stuff to severely cut down on transition times (note that this effectively results in a difficulty increase across the board).

  • Rephrased the ''bored of this outfit'' decision question to make it clearer.

  • The loyalty question in the intro now has a positive reaction if her mood is higher than 0.

  • Reworded endless ending prompts as the timers weren't matching up with the differences in time between questions.

  • Added Palming to glossary

  • Enabling Futa with Never Nude now allows the dick to show through underwear.

  • To clean up the UI and preserve precious screen space, the hide UI function is now activated by long pressing/clicking the top part of the screen for 4 seconds.


  • (Hopefully temporarily) removed the FPS limiter option as something about it was causing severe issues on some android devices, and it wasn't useful for PC anyways.

  • Big rework of the save system to help with stutters, performance and some rare saving anomalies (values not saving properly).

  • Fixed an issue with edge tasks not being given when they should. This may require adjustment of the edge difficulty slider.

  • Deactivated Hide UI button on web due to issues with webGL.

  • Fixed a bug causing a couple of the ear physics to act weirdly.

  • Fixed mid-session clothing upgrades not respecting futa/censor toggles.

  • Drooly & Lipstick modifiers should no longer apply more than once.

  • Fixed Bad Decision endings behavior with chastity device.

  • Fixed in-game chastity key chain appearing bright pink.

  • Fixed candles being wrong color.

  • Fixed mood manager displaying wrong moods sometimes.

  • Fixed a text fading issue in mid-session edge challenges.

  • Endurance test can no longer show during Spin the Wheel, since it's been replaced with the pleasure difficulty slider.

  • Changed the shader on pupils for android compatibility (again..)

  • Made a change that should improve some android devices FPS significantly.

  • Resolved a bug causing android fps to be locked too low for the first few minutes of gameplay.

  • Ball Press & Humbler are now incompatible with: Chastity Device, Humbler, Ball Press

  • Fixed a bug where she went permanently naked on Spin The Wheel.

  • Fixed some leftover code making edge tasks be skipped over for some old saves.

  • Fixed ''Back'' button on difficulties menu sending you back 2 pages.

  • Fix for No Touching not being reactivated after a fake ending.

  • Fixed wrong name appearing for a split second on instant text changes.

  • Fixed preset slot naming entry fields not being backspace-able.

  • Random preset should now get properly cleared if there are no toggle presets available (as a result of the update wipe). This was causing the game to be unable to start for some.

  • Tally is now incompatible with tally (so it should no longer happen twice.)

  • Pacifier now has a removal timer.


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