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Hi everyone!

Feeling like a broken record at this point, but, last month was yet again the best month (by a gigantic margin), so, huge thanks for that. Mind-blowing stuff.

In other news, April 1st went well. Too well. I was hoping to make a compilation of complaints about the event, but it turns out there’s not enough boring people around here... so I didn’t get a single genuine complaint. Mission failed. Guess I’ll try again next year.

Anyways, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Session Stakes

  • New Edging System

  • ASMR

  • Hardcore Chastity (ChastiKey support)

  • Dynamic Difficulty Adjustments

  • Tons of content & toggles

  • Vampire mode (Including the typical vampiric tendencies)

  • Fix for the rare Android-only compatibility bug that has been plaguing the game for 8 months. If you’ve had issues with rendering in the past, check out the new version’s demo!

Next month’s update will also most likely be a mix of random improvement stuff, quite a few (hopefully) good ideas brewing up.

0.16 Patch Notes


New Session Stakes System

  • At the start of a session, you're presented with 3 potential stakes to put on the session's outcome. (A new toggle also allows this to be a single choice)

  • The consequence happens if you fail the session in any way. This includes bad endings, Oopsing, leaving early, failing the ending, etc.

  • Some examples of stakes include: - Your succubus expects you to come back for another session within an hour. - Your succubus does not want to see you for a week. - Your succubus gives you 3x harsher post-session assignments. - Your succubus will make your next session hell. - Your succubus refuses to give you release until she’s had 10 minutes to tease you. (ASMR)

  • There are about 15 options currently, with a few exclusive to toggles.

New Edging System

  • This system is additional to the previous edge tasks, but the rate of appearance of the old system has been lowered to compensate.

  • After each successful task, there's a chance you'll be asked to edge. The chance is based on your edge difficulty. This chance is significantly increased by Thirsty mood.

  • There are 3 different potential variables to each of these edging prompts: 1. Number of edges (Based on edge difficulty, raised by Thirsty) 2. Edge riding times for each edge. (Based on your edge riding difficulty) 3. Modifiers for each edge (Not every edge will have one. These are intended to be minimal instructions, requiring no equipment, but sometimes involving kinks. The bigger instructions are reserved for the old ‘’Edge Task’’ system.)

  • Edge riding can be extended in mischievous ways, similarly to timed tasks.

  • Edging prompts now have a chance to transition into ASMR periods, where you may be either asked to continue edging in the dark or told to frustratingly keep your hands off. This doesn't happen if Character Volume is set to 0, or you set ‘’No ASMR’’ on.

New Dynamic Difficulty system

  • This system is additional to the original pleasure difficulty adjustment, and the ‘’difficulty decisions’’ added in the previous update.

  • If you fail, disobey, or mercy multiple tasks of a certain difficulty type, she's eventually going to decide to make things easier on you.

  • Unless she's sadistic; in which case, she's going to make it worse, because it's funny.

  • If you've been a brat, she's also going to make it harder as punishment.

  • You’ll be given an option to taunt her instead, which will make her raise the difficulty instead of lower it. Or raise it twice, if she was going to raise it already.

Significant Modifier Improvements

  • Previous behavior: 1. Once a modifier (Plugged, gagged, etc) is applied, it can no longer happen again. 2. Modifiers generally have longer durations, with for example Plug going for up to 40 minutes.

  • New behavior: 1. After a modifier is removed, a new timer begins that times out its reapplication. 2. Once this is complete, she can once again apply it. 3. Removable modifiers have lower max durations before they are forced to be removed, creating more variety.

Layered Red Light Green Light

  • RLGL events now have a high chance of having additional kink-based layers on top of the basic instructions.

  • For example, you can get combinations such as Anal RLGL + CBT, or Oral RLGL + Breathplay.

  • These additional instructions will appear during greens.

  • The additional layers available are CBT, Breath Play, Kegels, Oral, and Anal.

New Hardcore System: Hardcore Chastity

  • Requires the ChastiKey app available on mobile devices, and a combination safe or lock.

  • Once you begin a Hardcore Chastity sentence, you are required to complete every Virtual Succubus chastity session given to you for this sentence (and prove it with a screenshot), before your chastikey will be manually unlocked.

  • You will be required to set a “Buy Out” price for emergencies or other situations where you might want to cancel your sentence. (This is the only way for the feature to remain 100% impartial)

  • You will be required to set a number of days for a ‘’Punishment Sentence’’. This is used if you ever want to admit to lying about the completion of your sessions, or lying to your succubus. If this is admitted to, your release timer will be set to this duration.

  • You will be allowed to set special conditions, such as time limits. (If I’m not done with my sessions within 1 week, set the timer to 2 weeks)

  • To begin using this feature, you must first contact the developer by Discord DM or email ( This is a paid feature, as it has significant responsibility involved and takes up time to manage. Once everything is agreed upon, you will be given a code to enable the feature in-game, and instructions on what to do next.

Dev note: ChastiKey has been a frequent request since chastity was added to the game and this is the only real safe implementation I could find. It has been tested to function well by at least one tester. The price is currently only available on request, and may change based on demand (I obviously don’t want this to start taking up development time), but I intend to do my best to keep it reasonable and accessible. (but also, looking for someone willing to enable both hardcore findom and hardcore chastity. I’ll give you a discord role.)

Significant Chastity Improvements

  • New chastity toggle: Punishment Only. This causes chastity to only be given on negative session outcomes.

  • New chastity toggle: No Customization. This causes chastity sentences to completely disable customization until you’re released. Commit to your settings!

  • New chastity slider: Chastity Chance. This causes chastity to only have a chance of being given at the end of a session.

  • New chastity slider: Chastity Timeout. This replaces the ‘’No Minimum’’ toggle, and now allows you to set the exact amount of time you want to set between chastity sessions, up to 24 hours.

  • You can now admit to failing a chastity sentence. This heavily hurts favor and instantly sets her to furious for a long time, along with a zero tolerance session. You'll be given an extra long new sentence at the end of this session.


  • Added “Sybian” accessory toggle.

  • Added “Fucking Machine” accessory toggle.

  • Added “Knotted Insertable” accessory toggle.

  • Added “No ASMR” other toggle.

  • Added “No Stakes” other toggle.

  • Added “Her Stakes” other toggle.

  • Added 55+ new tasks.

  • Added “One-Handed Mode” in gameplay customization (disables most tasks involving the use of both hands simultaneously)

  • ‘’Always Furious’’ Visual Toggle has been split into ‘’Furious Face’’ and ‘’Furious Eyes’’

  • Removed Sad special mood. Just wasn't working design wise.

  • Added ‘’Pale Skin’’ Vsual Toggle.

  • Added ‘’Fangless’’ Visual Toggle.

  • Added ''Strap On'' Visual Toggle.

  • Added “Dick Tail” Visual Toggle. (by popular request after the april fools event!)

  • Added “Sunglasses” Visual Toggle. (by popular request after the april fools event!)

  • Added “Starglasses” Visual Toggle.

  • Added ‘’Vampire’’ Other Toggle. She’s thirsty in several ways now.

  • Added Edge Riding Difficulty slider. (This affects Edge Challenges, Timed Endings and the new Edging System)

  • Added “Kitty Vocals” toggle (see VA section).

  • Added a whole lot of new VA & expression improvements: - New soundclips for ‘’Aww’’s - New alternate soundclips for the Humm->‘’Stop’’ segments (RLGL etc), which are more appropriate for when she’s unhappy/serious. - Added Yandere Laughs that happen before Mischievous, Sadistic, and Furious punishments when Yandere is enabled. - Added Tsundere “Umph”s. This sometimes plays along with a look-away animation before a punishment is given. - New VA for Vampire bites. - Added Evil Smile expression + VA; this happens when she's furious, during mischievous and sadistic punishments, and before guaranteed punishments (after disobeying) - Added Nyaa smiles; this replaces smile sound effects when you have Kitty Vocals enabled. - Added Nyahaha laughs; this replaces laughs when you have Kitty Vocals enabled. - Added ''Ehhh?'' surprise sounds. These happen randomly as a replacement for surprise sounds, and always happen after a bratty disobey. She also now reacts more positively to bratty disobeys. - Stretching sounds have been replaced by tired sigh sounds when she's unhappy or lower. - Significant rework of the self-pleasing expression and audio. (Generally seen in the “Free Stroking” reward. - Added an expression when she's laughing out loud.


  • Fake endings can no longer happen after you ask for mercy on Her Choice (to cover cases where you absolutely have to leave)

  • Special punishments (Mischievous and Sadistic) now HEAVILY prioritize modifier application, and cannot be a modifier removal.

  • Significantly reduced the chance she accepts begging when starting No Touching sessions.

  • Eye contact task is no longer a reward (and should only play out once).

  • You can now admit to ignoring (oopsing) the last session's denial ending when she asks you if you're still as frustrated as you were last time. This has similar negative consequences to oopsing chastity, to a lesser extent.

  • Passing on an ending now gives a special intro prompt in the next session, where you can admit to regretting it and going back on what you said. (similar to denial)

  • Punishment task endings no longer have the Pass button.

  • Minimal edge difficulty no longer gets mid-session edge challenges as a result of thirsty.

  • Furious as a result of staying in angry can no longer happen until at least 5 tasks have happened.

  • Counted tasks are now capped around 100-120 at highest, regardless of difficulty and multipliers. Other improvements are coming to help with this. (This does not apply to counted tasks as results of other events, such as Spin The Wheel)

  • Removed brat decision, as it's no longer appropriate with the development of the brat system.

  • None of the special moods can now happen during the first few tasks of a session (unless something has caused them to trigger before the session begins, like short fuse or yandere).

  • Sadistic from brat now takes 2 more ''Brat Points''

  • Spin the wheel taunting now only gives 0.5 ''Brat Points'' instead of 1

  • If rhythm chance is set to 0, thirsty can no longer give that event.

  • Gag & Tape/Rope bondage modifiers are no longer punishments (since they're now shorter and re-appliable).

  • Yandere prompts are now a bit less frequent.

UI & Misc

  • “X wants you to fail” task now has 3 failed buttons.

  • Eye contact task button is now ''DisobeyED''. Let me know if you notice any other examples where this could apply!

  • RLGL now ends as red instead of green.

  • Fixed menu slider percentages to round to nearest instead of up.

  • Futilely reworded the ''new passcode'' prompt so newbies will hopefully stop being confused at it.

  • Minigames are now marked as deprecated, and default to 0 chance to appear. Read the previous development update from january for more information.

  • Added more time to read favor messages after mercy requests if they happen.

  • Added new definitions to the glossary for in-game stats.


  • FINALLY found a fix for the incompatibility bug that has been plaguing many android devices for 8 months. This involved changing several more shaders, so you may notice minor differences. If you still run into issues with rendering, let me know, this should at least fix the ''black screen'' and weird glitches for some devices.

  • Fix for the huge stutters during rhythm events. Performance should be much better in general during rhythm events.

  • Pleasure & Edge difficulty increase decisions can no longer show if No Touching is active.

  • Fixed a bug preventing content locking from saving and thus preventing the entire system's function.

  • Fixed a bug causing unnecessary delays after instructions tasks.

  • Fixed a bug causing some text popups to remain semi visible on the screen.

  • Fixed a bug causing the arousal audio loops to be way too loud (and not respect the audio slider).

  • Fixed post orgasm rhythm showing the portal prompt.

  • During post-orgasm rhythm events, fixed the button being technically active while hidden.

  • Fixed chastity session start blocker having the wrong name.

  • Rephrased chastity pop ups to indicate it's sessions and not days, and fixed a single session showing up as plural.

  • Fixed her missing ears. (...since when..?)

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to show ''Mischievous Punishment'' when she's thirsty.

  • Begging for a session extension at the end of a session should now properly reactivate No Touching if the toggle is enabled.

  • Fixed a bug causing chastity to be reset by a few settings.

  • Fixed a rendering bug for Oni horn.


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