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Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Focuses & Themes, AI improvements.

  • Kinkier counted tasks.

  • Customizable Tattoos

  • Dynamic Tan Lines

  • 70+ minutes of new music that adapts to her moods and events.

  • New tasks

This month’s release has a mix of a couple things. Core AI features that should alleviate some commonly brought up issues, and some relatively complex visual features.

First, the core gameplay stuff!

Focuses and Themes are a new back-end feature you won’t necessarily visibly see, but have a huge impact upon the game.

Focuses will make her temporarily ‘’focus’’ on one specific kink or toggle you may have enabled for several tasks, affecting both the difficulty of those tasks (for example, having to do multiple breath play tasks in a row) and reducing the tedium of getting accessories ready just for them to be used only once (for example, anal).

Themes are a time-based, longer, and less heavy-handed form of this. They are meant to give your sessions more consistency, without being necessarily noticeable or lock you out of options.

Together, these systems should have a great effect on sessions with a lot of toggles enabled; great for all you mega kinky degens out there.

Supporting these new systems is a new addition to the Task system called Layered Counted Tasks.

This system enables almost all counted tasks (do X thing Y times) to have an additional layer of kinky stuff requested of you.

For example, the vast majority of counted tasks may have layers such as: Hold your breath during, Clench around your toy, or while taking specific positions.

This new system has a multiplicative effect upon tasks: Each prior counted task effectively now has up to a dozen variants, depending on your enabled toggles.

Next, the visual features.

The Tattoos system has been added, allowing you to customize a large variety of tattoos all over her body.

Each tattoo can be selected to only apply during specific special moods, or during all of them.

This allows you to give her a bunch of regular tattoos, but also some special glowy ones when she’s feeling furious, mischievous, or thirsty.

Each special mood tattoo has its own glow.

You can also make all of her regular tattoos glow along with the mood she’s in.

More tattoos will be added to this system over time, especially once development focus becomes content expansion.

Next, Tanlines.

I thought this would be a great spot to add more persistence to the game, so if you have it enabled, each outfit will now give her a different set of tan lines, reminding you of what she wore previously. This is only updated daily along with her outfit.

Finally, there’s a whole new set of Dynamic Music in the game!

It consists of 70+ minutes of music, changing between various tracks based on her mood and other factors. This really helps reinforce the distinct ‘’feel’’ of each mood, making some far more playful… and others a lot scarier.

For the rest, you’ll have to read the patch notes. Enjoy!

Current 0.19 Patch Notes:


New Dynamic Soundtrack

  • Added over an hour of new original music.

  • Each of the base moods (Angry, Unhappy, Happy, Pleased) has its own variant on the core ‘Neutral’ track.

  • Each special mood (Furious, Mischievous, Thirsty) has its own piece of music.

  • Some events in the game will also play their own piece, including Spin The Wheel, Decisions, and ASMR segments.

  • Finally, there is also a new track on the main menu that inherits some parts of the core mood music pieces.

New Gameplay Feature: Focuses

  • Starting at 5 tasks, your succubus will begin to choose Focuses. This very heavily affects the type of tasks prioritized for a certain amount of tasks (5-7).

  • There will not always be a focus, but you will be guaranteed to get one eventually after an amount of tasks.

  • Focuses always try to prioritize tasks of that toggle, with no exceptions unless there are no existing possible tasks from that category.

  • If any counted task layers are available to make a counted task focus-appropriate, it will be guaranteed to appear.

  • The possible focuses include: Anal, Oral, Breath Play, CBT, Workout, Kegels, Nipples, Insertable, Knotted Insertable, Anal Beads, Sybian, Fucking Machine

Dev Note: This should significantly improve the issue where you would be asked to use a certain toy once, and then never again for a long time. Preparing toys for use should be less of a waste of time, and some of these focuses will cause an increased difficulty due to the repeated tasks (for example, breath play, CBT, workout)

More Focuses may be added over time as toggle-specific task variety is improved.

New Gameplay Feature: Themes

  • Starting at 7 minutes, your succubus will begin to choose Themes. This significantly affects the type of tasks prioritized for a certain amount of time (4-7 minutes).

  • This is never prioritized over focuses, but you may have both at the same time.

  • Past 7 minutes, you will very frequently have a theme.

  • Themes will only increase the chance of a toggle appearing, rather than guaranteeing it.

  • The possible focuses include: Anal, Oral, Breath Play, CBT, Workout, Kegels, Nipples

Dev Note: The intention behind themes is to provide a softer form of Focuses that includes more variety. It will still have similar effects as focuses do, but without being the same thing repeatedly.

They should also help obfuscate focuses a little bit; the intention is to keep players guessing as to what’s going on, allowing the possibility for surprises rather than being told ‘’ok it’s THIS focus now, you know what’s coming next!’’.

More Themes may be added over time as toggle-specific task variety is improved.

New Gameplay Feature: Counted Task Layers

  • Almost all counted tasks now have a chance to have an additional instruction based on a different toggle.

  • For example, Stroke while holding your breath is now a part of this system.

  • Another example may be Spank while squatting (Workout)

  • This has SIGNIFICANTLY increased the number of potential counted tasks you can get for both punishments and regular tasks. An example is that it’s now possible to get CBT layers without having it be a punishment.

  • Focuses guarantee that this system will try to find a layer of the appropriate type.

  • If the base task difficulty is affected by Workout/Breath Play/Pain difficulties, the overall count will be lowered to your lowest involved difficulty.

  • Otherwise, it will be raised accordingly to the highest difficulty involved in either the task or the layer.

  • The possible toggles involved in this system currently are: Workout, Breath Play, Anal, Vaginal, Oral, CBT, Drool, Collar, Nipples, Kegels

New Visual Feature: Customizable Mood-Based Tattoos

  • This new visual customization option allows you to give her as many tattoos as you want. (More variety to be added!)

  • Each tattoo can be marked with any of: Basic, Mischievous, Thirsty, and Furious.

  • When a tattoo is marked with a special mood, that tattoo will appear as glowing when she's in that mood, with the color appropriate for that mood.

  • When a tattoo is marked as basic, it will appear either as black, or as the color intended for that tattoo.

  • Tattoos are able to be dynamic! The first tattoo of this type is the Chastity Counter thigh tattoo, that serves as a constant reminder of the number of sessions you’ll need to complete to get out of your current sentence.

Dev Note: I do realize the current visual preview isn’t very appropriate for this new system, but I’m still trying to figure out a good (non character creator) solution to this. Most of what I’ve thought about so far goes against a lot of my core design philosophies for this game. I don’t currently have an estimate for when I’ll be improving the situation, but I wanted to let you guys know that I’m aware that the visual customization is becoming problematic.

New Visual Feature: Persistent Dynamic Tan Lines

  • This new visual toggle allows you to give her tan lines on any skin color.

  • These tan lines are based on her previous outfit’s skin-layer. This can be underwear, or her full outfit depending on what the outfit was.

  • Tan lines only change when her outfit changes.

  • There is a new additional toggle to instead give her more traditional swimsuit-based tan lines.

Reworked Visual Feature: “Worship” Toggles

  • There are new additional Worship toggles, “Crotch Worship” (replaced by dick when futa is enabled), “Belly Worship”, and “Thigh Worship”.

  • Instead of having dedicated tasks that would play out these scenes, every single task marked as having “Generic” scenes now has a chance to be played on a worship scene.

  • You will be guaranteed to get worship scenes after several tasks of not getting one, if at least one worship toggle is enabled.

  • All worship scenes now have her temporarily strip down to at least underwear/skintight level.


  • Added intro status & (Other Toggle): “Strict”. This causes her to be less lenient with brats, and taking bratty actions will have consequences much faster.

  • Added ''Demeaning'' (Other Toggle).This replaces all pronouns by ''it''.

  • Added ''No Penetration'' (Other Toggle) when Vagina is chosen.

  • Added “Merciless” (Other Toggle) This causes her to refuse all mercy requests, and get mad at you for it.

  • Added “No Claws” (Other Visual Toggle)

  • Added “Simple Nails” (Other Visual Toggle) This removes the hair-matched nails and furious nail glow.

  • Added ''Pubes''(Other Visual Toggle)

  • Added Tan Lines (Other Visual Toggle)

  • Added Beach Lines (Other Visual Toggle)

  • Added “Angel Halo 2” (Head Accessory Toggle)

  • Added “Angel Halo 3” (Head Accessory Toggle)

  • Added ''Encouraged Edging'' (Oops Options Toggle). This stops her from being mad when you edge stop, and instead raises her mood.

  • Added a bunch of new tasks.


  • Most timed tasks are now marked as repeatable, similarly to counted tasks.

  • Reduced the score minimums on a lot of tasks from 10 to 5 to make them more compatible with the new themes feature.

  • Raised the chance for rewards a bit during mischievous.

  • Edge with eyes closed prompts no longer appear under 10 minutes of session time.

  • You can no longer get the ''keep edging'' ASMR variant if you have edge riding set to 0.

  • Until Dry now automatically behaves like ''Post Oops Continue'' is enabled.

  • Edge tasks are now all marked as repeatable.

  • Edge tasks (more complex edging requests) should now start later into the session.

Polish & Misc

  • Adjustments to the vagina area texture, it should be far more visible on all skin colors.

  • Added some new text processing adjectives that are based on the current player statuses. Example: Plugged Plaything

  • Fog now adjusts along with all mood states, causing the scene to get darker when she’s angry, and brighter when she’s pleased.

  • Adjusted blush color for red skin to make it apparent.

  • Improved some texture line issues on her legs.

  • Significant improvements to the disappearing tongue piercing problem.

  • Significantly reduced the chance that her base name will be chosen when a dom name is available.

  • If both chastity and chastity hidden duration are enabled, Until Dry will always show as incompatible (to prevent spoilers for the end of the sentence)

  • Small adjustment to futa dick positioning, as it looked weird on some skin colors.

  • New drapes that should improve performance/look less jank.

  • Several pre-reqs are now marked as having several minute timeouts for basic tasks. This means she should no longer repeatedly ask you to get the same toy over and over, but after a few minutes she may verify you still have it "ready". Note that I can add more to this system easily, let me know if you notice she's repeatedly asking for something.

  • Added a new function to most toggle-related menus: Hold the top menu label for 4 seconds to fully clear that toggle list. For visual toggles, this clears all visuals. This can be used to clear bugs like ''stuck'' toggles after they are fixed.

  • Pressing an Oops/Cum button while Until Dry is active will now have her remind you that these accidents do not count towards her expectations of you.

  • Added special mood descriptions to glossary.


  • Fixed a bug causing punishment endings to get stuck and not selected if you didn't select any ending percentages at all.

  • Edge prompts can now fade out with the UI fade out system.

  • Frogtie is now incompatible with Knees Tied and Thighs Tied.

  • Fixed a bug causing only post-session challenges to affect if she asks the ''without her'' question, instead of both challenges and assignments.

  • Breathplay counted tasks should no longer get disobey locked.

  • Fixed edge challenge loop if “post-oops continue” happens during edge challenges.

  • Fixed a bug giving her a chance to ignore ''Single Dom/sub name''

  • Fixed maid outfit not being marked as futa incompatible.

  • Fixed a bug causing Chastity Oops Punishment to not apply if you had any chastity option toggles enabled.

  • Fixed bug making the clear save data button constantly lit up.

  • Fixed an outfit with bandaids having the ‘’wet spot’’ appear when it shouldn’t.

  • Edge challenges should no longer appear with No Stroking enabled.

  • Fixed the inverted edge riding timer when entering ASMR segments with 0 edge riding difficulty.

  • Fixed a bug causing an infinite loop of unrelated tasks after passing on an ending.


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