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Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Huge Rhythm Rework (New animations, mechanics, UI)

  • Rhythm-focused Sessions

  • Themed Sessions (CBT, Workout, etc)

Hi! Bit of an unusual one this time I think.

I decided to dedicate the majority of .20 development time to significantly improving a single system.

The rhythm event (Cock Hero) system has been a sore spot for the game for a while now, as when I was initially developing it, I was trying to move away from that genre of metronome-based JOI and wanted it to just be a small part of the game.

The result was a system made in just a few hours, that was patched over and over during the last year to add more functions that didn’t quite work or remove stuff that really should work. The old rhythm system... wasn't very good I think!

While I’ve tried to move away from that archetype of JOI due to what I think are unsolvable balancing issues, I think there’s still a whole lot of you that enjoy them quite a bit, or that may not care about said balancing issues (better too hard than too easy in this genre, huh?).

I’ve effectively scrapped the whole thing and rebuilt it from the ground up. The goal for this month was to make the rhythm event system capable of supporting entire sessions dedicated to it, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

The full patch notes contain far more thorough information, but a few highlights include:

  • You can now choose ''Rhythm Session'' before starting a session, replacing all regular & punishment instructions with rhythm events.

  • The rhythm timings should no longer be affected by FPS (my apologies for the suffering over the last year, low-end mobile users!)

  • An entirely new UI centered around the portal and semitransparent rings surrounding it. No more looking at the bar below the screen, missing all the action.

  • Many, many, many new features and animations focused around this system.

  • Entirely new rhythm instructions and rhythm event types, with animation variants to support these.

  • Better animation matching with the metronome.

  • Several menus to customize the exact behaviors and difficulties of rhythm events.

There’s a lot going on, so please give the patch notes a read if you’re interested in the details!

Full Patch Notes:


Rebuilt, Reworked & Significantly Expanded Rhythm Events (Cock Hero)

General & UI

  • Completely reworked UI, now a circular ring-based design to keep focus on the action.

  • Code rebuilt from ground up to make it more stable.

  • There are now menus to customize which events are considered rewards or punishments.

  • There is now a menu to select available rhythms.

  • You can now customize the speed difficulty and length difficulty for every rhythm event type.

  • General animation improvements for a lot of rhythm event animations.

  • The rhythm portal dick is now the higher poly dick model.


  • Rhythm events can now have multiple different instructions within the same event.

  • These instructions are made out of 2 combined keywords: The Variant, and the Subvariant.

  • Variants/Subvariants are generally animated differently, when appropriate.

  • Below is a list of all the potential combinations.

Stroking Events
Variants: Loose, Tight, Fingers, Twist, CBT Slap, CBT Flick, Headplay Palming, Headplay Finger Tapping, Headplay Palm Tapping.
Subvariants: Full, Head, Shaft
Variants: Shallow, Regular, Deep, Knuckle-deep, Fingertip
Subvariant: 1-Finger, 2- Fingers
Variants: Shallow, Regular, Deep
Subvariants: None
Variants: Deepthroat, Sucking, Tip-Sucking
Subvariants: None
Variants: Slapping
Subvariants: None
  • These variants and subvariants are chosen based on your enabled toggles.

  • There is a chance for Variants (Loose, Tight, etc) or Subvariants (Head, Full, Shaft) may get locked to one type for an entire rhythm event.


  • With the complete rewrite of the system, and the new UI it should now be far more readable and framerate independent.

  • This means that more complex rhythms are far easier to follow, and depending on the instruction given and the type of rhythm event, you'll get new types of rhythms.

  • All of the new rhythm types can now be selected & deselected in a new Rhythms menu, found under Gameplay->Rhythm Events->Rhythms

Speed Variance

  • You can now get multiple different speed variance events applied to a segment of beats. These include: Faster, Slower, Acceleration, Deceleration

  • Speed in general is dictated by multiple factors. Some things will make the rings advance faster in general, while other things will decrease the timing between beats.

  • When compatible with the event type, extremely fast speeds will eventually turn into ''Frenzy'' segments instead, where you'll be asked to go as fast as possible for a duration.

Mischievous Events

  • She now has multiple mischievous things she can do to play with the rhythms given, including:

  • Pause

  • Reverse

  • Reverse into Rush (all beats played very quickly)

  • Frenzy (A short segment of ''As fast as possible'')

  • Taunting also has a chance to give a longer frenzy event.

  • The rate at which these happen is significantly increased by Mischievous mood.

Rhythm Edging

  • Rhythm events are now concluded by small rhythm-based edging challenges, if your edging difficulty is above 0.

  • This is only compatible with stroking & vagina insertable/fingering

  • These segments gradually speed up over time, eventually reaching a point of constant frenzy. Pressing Edge will add to your total edges, and make her pause / reset the speed.

  • After edging, depending on your settings, she may tease with the following options:

  • Do CBT actions for a bit

  • Do Headplay actions for a bit

  • Keep loosely stroking for a bit.

  • Give you a few seconds break, then start again twice as fast

  • Edges do not count unless you pass this ''teasing'' point before pressing it again.

  • While edge stop is enabled, pressing Edge will go straight to the edge segment of the Rhythm event, if available.

  • This will also significantly increase the amount of demanded edges, based on the amount of remaining beats in that rhythm event.

  • The ''Edge'' button for these segments will always start out locked after every edge.

  • If you were able to last long enough for your last edge, the timer for this will be significantly reduced.

  • The total duration is based on your edge riding difficulty.

  • She has a chance to screw with the timer and pause it. Of course. Good luck.

  • This system is compatible with rhythm ending events, including denial/fake etc. Good luck.

Rhythm Layered Instructions

  • Compatible with Anal, Oral, Breath Play, Workout, Kegels, Nipples.

  • These additional actions should respect current constraints such as statuses and the current rhythm event's actions being compatible.

  • Each category only has a chance of appearing, and layers will not appear on every instruction.

  • If an instruction during the rhythm event is going to require an accessory, she will ask you to prepare it in advance.

Punishment Rhythm Events

  • Non-mischievous punishment rhythm events are now near unending.

  • They now increase mood periodically until she reaches neutral state, at which point the rhythm event will end.

  • There is a minimum duration to Punishment rhythm events, regardless of the mood she’s in. (For sadistic, etc)

Rhythm Sessions

  • You can now start sessions solely focused on rhythm events.

  • All regular tasks will be replaced by reward rhythm events, and punishments by punishment rhythm events, when possible.

  • Endings are guaranteed to be rhythm endings.

Themed Sessions

  • This new system involves a new menu where you can select one, or multiple focuses for a session.

  • This causes session focuses to be constant, with no breaks, switching between the enabled focuses.

  • Supported content includes: Anal, Oral, Workout, CBT, Breath Play


  • Added 2 variants of CBT Rhythm Events

  • Added ''Headplay'' (Kink Toggle)

  • Added ''Paddle'' (Accessory Toggle)

  • Separated ''Censored'' (Visual Toggle) into ''Censored Breasts'' and ''Censored Crotch''.

  • Added ''Punishment Censors'' (Visual Toggle). This enables the censors whenever she's unhappy.

  • Added ''No Pokies'' (Visual Toggle).

  • Added ''No Balls'' (Visual Toggle) for Futa.

  • Added ''Giant Balls'' (Visual Toggle) for Futa.

  • Added ''Default Hair'' (Visual Toggle).

  • Added ''No Decisions'' (Other Toggle).

  • Added "Never CEI" (Other Toggle) This disables all mentions of CEI, like asking for ending chances to increase. It also prevents her from choosing it for endings when endings Her Choice is enabled

  • Added ''Rhythm Punishment'' (Other Toggle). This causes all punishments to be rhythm events.

  • Added new ASMR events spread throughout a session. These can periodically happen during most timed tasks, when she's neutral or higher mood.

  • Added new ''Tweaks'' menu under gameplay.

  • Added 2 new sliders to tweak Timed and Counted task limits.

  • Added edge tasks for all the worship categories.


  • Focuses now have an effect on Rhythm & RLGL event choice.

  • Mischievous now has a 25% Neutral/25% Reward/50% Punishment chance.

  • Decisions are no longer part of the event system; their duration no longer fit with the rest of the potential events, and they had no instructions involved unlike all the other events. They are now on their own timer, spread throughout a session.

  • Appearance rate of focuses now scales to the amount of compatible toggles you have on.

  • Rhythm events now count as 5 tasks for Furious & Mischievous mood progression.

  • Passing on endings now adds to the ''dislike'' counter for her to stop giving you that ending eventually. It's also twice as fast as regular disobeys.

Polish & Misc

  • Reintroduced some amount of the camel toe modeling when she's naked, to make her mound more obvious from the front.

  • The futa dick's balls now have different physics from the dick.

  • Specifying you didn't stop in time with edge stop is now marked as oops.

  • Decisions can now be selected with keybinds.

  • A few more alternate wordings on procedural text.

  • PC version now has keybind markers on buttons.

  • Changed vampire scene's dick to the new model.

  • Added "No Button Labels" to UI options.

  • Added "No Rhythm UI" to UI options.

  • Updated the T&C page.


  • Fixed a menu text error in the chastity menu when chastity is active.

  • Fixed a bug causing edge stop to prevent punishments for oopsing, if you didn't stop in time.

  • Fixed a bug causing glowy mood tattoos to not show up if your succubus entered the scene with that special mood.

  • Fixed a bug causing mood tattoos to instantly disappear instead of fading out.

  • Fixed a text flickering bug on strict intro.

  • Fixed arm maze tattoos being inverted.

  • Bad day mode should no longer carry any stakes.

  • Fixed a bug causing a question to get skipped if you had Edge Stop & Sensitivity Training enabled.


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