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Future Roadmap

(May 2020) 0.01  >

(Current) 0.33  >

(Release) 1.0  >

Post-Release  >

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

(This phase is completed!)

1 Major update per month

Big feature, Smaller feature, Content

1 Minor update per month

Smaller feature, Content, Polish

  • Rapid iteration & release of features

  • Implementation of features that add a lot to the game while being relatively low scope/polish

  • Implementation of features that expand the design space (allows for more task variety)

  • Content development to get the game to a consistently ''playable'' state.

(This phase is completed!)

1 Major update per month

  • More complex development

  • Features that require more time to get right

  • Heavy focus on refining existing features implemented in phase 1 based on feedback.

1 Major update per month

  • The final stages of development, with a huge focus on getting the game as presentable as possible.

  • Work towards full release, on whatever platforms that may be.

Unscheduled updates

Full release, purchasable for a set price.

  • Continue work on refining the game for as long as necessary based on the feedback of the bigger masses.

  • Try out more experimental and unplanned features for post launch releases.

Want more specifics on upcoming, planned, and experimental features?

Check out the Virtual Succubus Trello!

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