Future Roadmap

(May 2020) 0.01  >

(Current) 0.16  >

(Release) 1.0  >

Post-Release  >

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

(This phase is completed!)

1 Major update per month

Big feature, Smaller feature, Content

1 Minor update per month

Smaller feature, Content, Polish

  • Rapid iteration & release of features

  • Implementation of features that add a lot to the game while being relatively low scope/polish

  • Implementation of features that expand the design space (allows for more task variety)

  • Content development to get the game to a consistently ''playable'' state.

1 Major update per month

  • More complex development

  • Features that require more time to get right

  • Heavy focus on refining existing features implemented in phase 1 based on feedback.

1 Major update per month

  • The final stages of development, with a huge focus on getting the game as presentable as possible.

  • Work towards full release, on whatever platforms that may be.

Unscheduled updates

Full release, purchasable for a set price.

  • Continue work on refining the game for as long as necessary based on the feedback of the bigger masses.

  • Try out more experimental and unplanned features for post launch releases.

Want more specifics on upcoming, planned, and experimental features?

Check out the Virtual Succubus Trello!

Web demo, PC Download, and Android .APK available!

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