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Your succubus has come to life!

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@Kurai (or Chisai Cosplay by day) is my partner in every sense and makes a bunch of cosplay-related content full time!


Supporting her work is also partly my hobby when I'm not working on VS. It's a lot of fun creatively and helps keep me sane while I have to endure futa bulge requests and work on what is becoming the biggest pile of nsfw spaghetti code on the planet.


As you can imagine, with VS's success, her lewder work is primarily for fun!

We're certainly secure right now.


Supporting her enables her own work to be cooler though!

On the more degen side, she does:

  • Lewd Cosplays (photos and tiktok dances and stuff).

  • Both Dommy and Subby vibes depending on the day.

  • Casual lewd day to day stuff sometimes.

  • Disclaimer: No nudity.


As a fair amount of people have shown interest in this kinda stuff for VS over the years, she is also:

  • Open to Findom
    (Healthy only, must know your means, you've seen my numbers, we make enough. Through OF.)

  • Open to control
    (Through OF.)

Dev Disclaimer:

Choosing to share this stuff is a bit of a risk for me, not that many lewd devs out there willing to merge their IRL lives with their online one!

Barking at people periodically has mostly kept this community pretty alright though, so I hope this won't cause trouble.

While it's all mostly a hobby for me, I'm glad to be able to share it. All the pictures shown here are pictures I've taken, and I'm kind of proud of being a part of a lot of the designs and poses involved. I think we make cool shit! 

We're all some degree of degen here, I'm under no weird presumptions about what my partner's content is frequently used for. That's ok; this is a kinky sex-positive space, obviously.


You can also check out some of the cooler SFW stuff we've done below!

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