Virtual Succubus is a procedural, AI-driven lewd game that's all about becoming a succubus' personal play-toy.


Sign over the rights to your pleasure, and allow her to decide how (and if!) you can play with yourself. 

  • Get access to the full pre-release game.

  • Support the game's development.

  • Define the game's future through polls, surveys, and suggestions.


Development Update

With a new year, comes a new development update!

0.14    Released!

Check out what's new with this version of Virtual Succubus!

Feature Roadmap

Check out the features planned for this phase of development!

Countless  ways to play

  • Toggles for many, MANY kinks.
  • Constant updates with user suggested content
  • Dynamic difficulty that adapts to you.
  • Supports both PC and Android, bring the fun with you anywhere!

Designed for replayability

  • Designed from the ground up to make content addition quick and easy.
  • Different every session, yet evolves and changes based on what you do with cross-session persistence.

A lifestyle choice

  • Tasks that challenge you to achieve new NSFW heights (or lows...?).
  • Push your limits, uncover new kinks.
  • Tasks to complete even while you're not playing!
  • Is not playing with yourself (Chastity) more your thing? It's supported too!

Community-Driven Development


"That was probably the greatest fap I've had, like, ever."

- Anonymous

Web demo, PC Download, and Android .APK available!

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