Virtual Succubus is a deeply customizable

Jerk Off Instructions experience with your personal Femdom AI.

Available for PC and Android!


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Development Update

A new development update for phase 3 of the game's development cycle!

Current Release

0.33  has been released!

Check out what's new with the September 2022 version of Virtual Succubus, the Energy Drain & Subtoggles Update!


Feature Roadmap

Check out the features planned for this phase of development!


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Game Features

Various types of  JOI content

  • Over 1000 tasks, taking many forms. One-time tasks, counted, timed, post-session, and others.

  • Red Light / Green Light - Let her dictate your actions closely. Supports several kinks and accessories.

  • Rhythm Events - Inspired by CockHero, with additional support for kinks and accessories; Handjobs, footjobs, pegging, all through a magical portal to your genitals!


Cross-Session Persistence

  • She remembers prior sessions.

  • Earn her favor so you may be granted her mercy; sometimes she'll even reward you!

  • Many aspects of the game run on real time. Her mood persists for several hours, she changes outfits daily, she'll notice if you're returning quickly or late, and more!

  • Put large stakes on your session’s performance! Your succubus will thoroughly enjoy the consequences of your failures.

5uuPRP6_1 (1).png

Procedurally Generated AI

  • A new experience every session!

  • Tasks differ based on her mood; you'd better keep her pleased!

  • Intro states that heavily affect gameplay. One day she might be moody, while the next she may feel risky.

  • A fun experience first, and an AI second.

  • Designed to be enjoyed forever. Replayability and variety are a priority!

  • Your succubus keeps track of how you’re doing, and will change the difficulty accordingly.

Procedurally Generated Text

  • Almost all text is procedurally generated based on customizable options and the current state of the game.

  • If she’s in a good mood, the tone of tasks and commands will be phrased very differently.

  • Be addressed differently based on various factors like her mood or your failures of the session. You’d rather be your mistresses’ favorite plaything than her bratty liar, wouldn’t you?... Or maybe not.

  • 100+ different naming schemes for both you and your succubus.


Content Customization

  • Over 150 different toggles for kinks, toys, and more!

  • Various different forms of time limits, including endless, her choice, until dry, or a simple randomized range customizable down to the minute.

  • Customize your potential ending types, the chance that events appear, etc. Sliders! Sliders for everyone!

Post Session Tasks

  • Being her favorite toy takes some commitment!

  • Some tasks will be simple lewd homework, while some may prove to be... adventurous challenges :)

Unique Chastity Implementation

  • Grant her complete control over your release.

  • Session-based instead of time-based. Combine this feature with the Scheduling feature to create a time-based chastity feature. Or don't, and have her dictate when you can see her!

  • Support for chastity device sessions. No touching! (Other accessories & kinks are recommended)


Innate Feature Customization

  • Want a yandere cat girl to play with you?

  • How about a mischievous dragon girl, or a sadistic angel?

  • Like glasses, or piercings?

  • Perhaps an almost completely normal girl?

  • Into chicks with dicks (Futa), maybe?

  • Up to you!


  • Your succubus has a sizable wardrobe! She'll be changing outfits daily.

  • Want to see it again? Compliment her and she might just fulfill your wishes.

  • Be a good little toy, and she'll reward you with something very lewd!