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Update 41: Prejac, Edging & Gooning


It’s time! This is the culmination of what we’ve established infrastructure for over the last 6 months.

Interactions may have seemed like a large, complex update - but it wasn’t actually our initial plan for that month. In February, we had actually decided we wanted to fix edging.

One of the most cursed problems the game has ever had - how do you make every player able to respond to more specific edging instructions, when everyone has different sensitivity and different things they like?

The answer to this has always been “well, you have to let them mark each task as edgeable or not”. This hasn’t been possible for the last 3 years… and so, we added Interactions - a system that allows you to fine-tune every aspect of the billion potential tasks you can be given.

We also needed more data from the player to make it possible to give edging tasks appropriately - this is why we added Player Arousal last month. Not everyone likes the same kind of behavior from their dom when it comes to pleasure, and so we added Personalities.


And now here we are, hoping to solve what we find to be the biggest cursed design issue customizable JOI has ever had.



Pleasure Intensity is the core of this update, allowing you to customize each component of every task with how pleasurable you find it. We’ve of course included defaults for every task, so if you’re not into deep customization, it will work just fine.


This has allowed us to vastly expand edging functionality, like adding timers (edge within) and adding two new game modes & systems, Prejac/Sensitivity Training and Gooning.

You’ll have to read the patch notes for more, as this is very complex and could get lengthy! It’s been a brain-melting two months, we apologize in advance if we can’t get this across concisely.


In case you missed it, we also released a roadmap for the future.


Release Patch Notes


Pleasure Intensity


  • Interactions menus now contain new buttons to switch to Pleasure customization.

  • Each interaction keyword can be customized to have different effects on a task’s pleasure, for example:

    - Very unpleasurable actions can be set to ‘’Never’’ pleasurable, and will never show up in edging.
    - Actions that reduce pleasure can be set to ‘’Less’’ pleasure, but will still show up in situations where appropriate. An example of this could be “slowly”.
    - Actions that have no effect on pleasure can be set to “Neutral” pleasure, but will still show up in situations where appropriate.
    - Actions that have a positive effect on pleasure can be set to “More” pleasure. An example of this could be ‘’tightly’’.
    - Actions that have an extra positive effect on pleasure can be set to “Extra” pleasure. An example of this could be ‘’faster’.
    - Actions that are pleasurable in a torturous way can be set to “Punish” pleasure. An example of this could be ‘’palm’’, depending on the users preferences. You can also set it to painful things, for example if punishment edging to you would be edging while spanking yourself. A different option is to set it to barely pleasurable things, setting yourself up for failure when you fail to edge to something that doesn’t stimulate you enough.


Punishment Edging

  • Punishment edging happens when she’s Angry, Furious, or Devious.

  • It ignores pleasure thresholds that are usually used - if any element of a task is marked as a punishment in your settings, it will be considered usable when she wants to punish you by making you edge to it.

  • As a fallback, there is a possibility for this system to give you a nondescript edging task + a random punishment layer you may not have set as a punishment edging task. I.E. it can go ‘’Edge while doing punishment’’ instead of ‘’Edge doing this torturously pleasurable thing’’.

  • There are no defaults for Punishment edging, you will have to set them yourself if you want this feature to be used.

  • Added a Punishment Edges toggle - this enables the entire punishment edges system from this update. It's off by default to prevent situations where people would get too many fallbacks since there are no defaults for punishment edges.


Edging Tasks Improvement

  • Almost all edging-related tasks in the game have been shifted to this new system. This includes between tasks, consequence edging, endings, etc.

  • New edging tasks will take into account your arousal and the pleasure intensity of the task given. It will work on generating a task until it can find an appropriate task for your current state, even if it means widening the criteria a fair bit.

  • Edging tasks can now be timed, and can now shift between untimed and timed if she’s mischievous. The timer given is also calculated based on arousal & task pleasure intensity.

  • Added a variant for ''Edge In Exactly...'' that behaves similarly to edge within, but instead tells you to edge AFTER a timer.

  • Added a ''return to the edge in exactly...'' option.

  • Past the first edging instruction, you will get more generic options like “get back to the edge” or “ride the edge”. This is intentionally more vague - if you feel capable of using the same instruction, you can do so. If your reality doesn’t match that, it’s vague so you can adjust as needed.

  • Thirsty has been reworked to play more into this new system, while also having the option of going into the 2 forms of consequence edging (Long Edge & Edge Ladder which also use the new edge task generation system)

  • You can now get nondescript+layer edging tasks, such as ‘’Edge while doing (Layer)’’.

  • Default nondescript ‘’get yourself to the edge’’ is now treated as a fallback when the system can’t reasonably find a task that matches your arousal conditions with your pleasure intensities set.

  • Teasy/Thirsty has been rebalanced to work with this new system. When thirsty, she now tries to keep you at max and gives you more high-intensity tasks at max. When Teasy, she will give you more low-intensity tasks at max and will not try to keep you at max arousal as much.

  • Significantly reworked how edge tasks are given based on your arousal/thirsty personality/edge difficulty. They now replace other tasks based on these factors.

  • There are toggles to enable/disable all the various parts of this system, including Basic Edging, No Timed Edging, Touchless Edging (for those who want to use something like a chastity cage), No Gooning, No Edging Gooning

  • Each toggle now has additional subtoggles in their tweak menus, including Layer Always Usable For Edging (ignoring your use/available selections), Disable Base Edging, Disable Layer Edging, & Only Use for Edging

  • You can manually set the maximum time she should expect you to take to get to the edge. The default for this is 120s. This will also affect the untimed tasks you’re given, meaning that even if there is no timer, you will not be asked to perform tasks that she estimates would take you too long.

  • You can also multiply all the edge timers given and calculated. We recommend raising this value if you are not very sensitive, and reducing it if you are very sensitive. There is a separate slider for this for punishment edging.


Prejac & Sensitivity Training


Long requested, finally possible - Prejac & Sensitivity Training now allow her to train you to edge or finish to the least amount of stimulation possible. Using the reworked edging, she will start as low-stimulation as she can reasonably find for you, and will slowly go up until you either edge or finish.


Sensitivity Training is compatible with regular sessions and will act as the ‘’Intro’’ to a session. Upon beginning your session, she will go through this process until you edge, at which point she will measure how much pleasure she has given you and either be happy or disappointed in you.

Prejac is an entire game mode version of Sensitivity Training. Instead of getting you to the edge, she will get you to finish.

Going past the session time hardcap you've set during prejac sessions will now end the session normally without an ending. This allows for a playstyle where you can set the session time hardcap low, and be denied if you fail to finish by then




Also long requested and finally possible, Gooning is generally focused around long-form pleasure & edging - kind of like a meditative state. We’ve implemented it in several different ways.


Regular gooning can be given randomly instead of having her turn thirsty (when taunting during edging). This will cause the next X number of tasks to become entirely edging. During gooning, task pleasure intensities are fully randomized to provide variety.


Gooning mode is an entire mode of gooning - it effectively replaces every regular task in the game with pleasure-focused edging tasks until the session ends.


No Edging Gooning is now an option which will also apply whenever gooning at low arousal. It replaces the edging component of gooning with simply performing pleasurable actions.

Massive Loading Improvements & Optimization

We've massively reworked how many things in the game are loaded, significantly improving load speeds on every platform. This also heavily reduces RAM usage and RAM spikes, which should make it possible for a much wider variety of android devices to play the game.

We have confirmed the game to work on an 8 year old Galaxy s7, so we're hoping this covers most of the userbase that was having issues.

Note that the contract now has a short load screen to improve load times when you do not want to be modifying your settings - Yes, there are that many options.

No Background should now be a lot more performant for low end phones and also help loading issues if you want to play on something with very low memory.


  • The arousal menu now pops up when the game thinks you've forgotten about it based on arousal values and pleasure intensity values of tasks.

  • After a few minutes of a session, your succubus will now periodically check in. You will be prompted to Taunt, Mercy, or tell her it's good as is.

  • Added ''Mind Control Tasks'' in Tweaks, this rephrases most tasks to be forced upon you through mind control.


Polish & Misc

  • Arousal now gets maxed when you edge - this will be visually represented if your arousal is not already maxed.



  • Removed erroneous text occurring when chastity device was set as a permanent status but she could still tell you to take it off when in a chastity sentence

  • Fix for cbt rhythm events picking penis when wearing a chastity device

  • Fixed some thrust length portal clipping

  • Fixed some toy renaming default stuff

  • Improved some text phrasing issues with timed tasks.

  • Split up some of the main menu stuff into different scenes, hoping to help with mobile loading issues.

  • Fixed a bug with disliking timed tasks that wasn't removing them from the disliked list when successfully completed, leading to tasks not appearing when they should. We have to wipe disliked task lists due to this bug.

  • Fix for a situation where degradation/praise could fail if you didn't have enough enabled.

  • Fixed some saves starting thirsty for no reason

41 Release2

  • Fixed a bug with service act interaction descriptions.

  • Fixed a bug with Only Use for Edging checks and gooning mode.

  • Gooning and Prejac mode can no longer be started with Basic Edging, as they would give the same instruction over and over.

  • Fixed some text processor issues.

  • Fixed a bug causing doubled text.

  • Fixed a bug with the Toy Rename menu.

41 Release3

  • Fixes for text processor issues.

  • Fix for a very rare case where a lack of possible stakes would lock up the intro.

  • Fix for loading tips not changing properly.

41 Release4

  • Fixes for more text processor issues.

  • Fix for interactions default customize button not working.

  • Fixed a bug with the countdown on ''return to the edge in''

  • Fixed some extra text showing when it shouldn't

  • Fixed a menu bug that allowed you to click through things that shouldn't be visible.

  • Changes to edging logic that should make edging slightly more likely when there are punishments frequently happening and punishment edges are turned off.

  • Fixed an AI crash

  • Fixed typos in loading tips.

41 Release5

  • Fixed PC version getting stuck on save load.

  • Fixed a typo in prejac ''exactly in'' variants indicating you should edge instead of cum.

  • Prejac task timers are now heavily affected by your current pleasure score and the intensity of the task. High intensity tasks will result in much lower timers, and overall timers will grow as you keep failing to finish.


41 Release6

  • Fixed some text bugs in the menus.

  • More text processor fixes.

  • More edge task doubling up fixes.

  • Fix for heartbeats stopping incorrectly during timed tasks.

  • Oopsing during Prejac should now correctly behave as intended finishing.

  • Fixed a bug where prejac sessions would end in failure even after succesfully beating your sensitivity record.

  • Added a mechanism to guarantee more edges if the current conditions don't easily enable them. This should provide more consistently spread out edging.

  • Fixed an incompatibility with the eye contact urge and some tasks.

  • Fixed some potential AI crashes.

  • Improvements to the efficiency of the edge generation logic during Prejac.

  • Fixed a display bug with edge lock counts.


41 Release7

  • When unable to find a task with enough intensity to meet the current criteria, Prejac now heavily adjusts its task timer to make it easier to find tasks.

  • Optimizations for the edge generation process.

  • Text processing fixes in various places across the game.

  • Taunting during thirsty edging now starts or extends a gooning segment. If disabled, it will instead extend thirsty.

41 Release8

  • Changed some button naming for edging & gooning.

  • Improvements to punishment edge generation.

  • Fixed a bug with punishment edges and safe word.

  • Fixed some menu processing issues.

  • Gooning now automatically behaves as if Heavy Worship was active,

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