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Yo! Hope you all enjoy the update posted today. Usually I post these general thoughts about what’s to come in the patch notes post, but this time it’s a bit longer.

First, we recently hit 1,000 patrons. This is 10 times higher than what I was hoping for at this stage, and is completely incredible to me. Thank you for all the support, I’m glad you all enjoy the game so much.

For context, a breakdown of the first four months of Patreon release, what’s been worked on, and how things have changed.

Since 0.01, there have been 8 version releases, one every two weeks or so. Disregarding minor additions, tweaks, and content expansions, here are the general ‘’core’’ features that have been added:

  • Post-session tasks

  • Red Light Green Light

  • Progression

  • Voice Acting

  • Chastity Support

  • Timed & Counted tests (Previously temporarily known as Push Limits & Unknown Repeat Count)

  • Modifiers (Tracking of your current state, the toys you’re being made to use, and your ability to complete tasks based on these factors)

  • Edging challenges

  • Post Orgasm/Ruin/Oops

  • Outfit weighting

  • Decisions

  • Spin the Wheel

  • Endless & ‘’Her Choice’’ time limits

  • 70+ different toggles were added over these versions.

  • There are now 400+ tasks.

  • There are now 36+ outfits.

You can find more information in all the patch notes I’ve been posting with previous versions on this blog.

The main core features that were located on the feature roadmap ( are now mostly exhausted, and this means the game’s development is entering phase 2 on the timeline roadmap ( 

Starting now, a few things will change: 

The game will now have numbered updates (such as 0.09 to 0.10) once per month. This will give me room to experiment more and start work on features that don’t quite fit into a 2-week release cycle where just about half the time is taken by feature-locked bugfixing and content implementation.

I’ll be generally looking for more specific feedback on existing features rather than new ideas of what to add to the game. I’d like to iterate on almost all features that have been added since the first version!

Did you request a feature and see it be implemented, and now you have further ideas?

Were you surprised by how much a specific feature was enjoyable, and are now looking forward to seeing it be expanded? I’m looking for your feedback, and I’d love for you to tell me exactly how I can expand on what I’ve added to fit what you want. With the game’s wide array of niche support, I can’t personally be ‘’invested’’ in every form of it. I rely on you all to tell me where I’ve gone wrong!

If you’re interested in doing just that, you can always contact me through all the usual means. Patreon messages, Discord messages, the Discord server, or the anonymous feedback links on the website. I usually give free test access to people that give good feedback, so if you’d like to see new versions before they’re done cooking up, that’s your ticket!

One more thing that’s going to change is the patron benefits listed on the page. I started out this Patreon thinking that I would just run polls constantly to obtain feedback, but I’ve found surveys and discussions to be a much better form of it; I don’t feel comfortable promising ‘’extra voting rights’’ when I’m barely running any polls. If you were pledging to those higher tiers for that benefit, and are unsatisfied by that, please contact me.

Lastly, I likely will not be running a patron survey early this month, as I’d like to let the features from 0.09 get played out for a little bit before I collect the next feedback I need. Next survey will be centered around existing features, and obtaining the most feedback I can on how to improve them.

Again, thank you all, especially those of you that got through that wall of text. As usual, feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, feedback, etc.


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